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Citizen Agba Jalingo
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Understanding The Music Of Nature

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In basic science, we were taught that plants receive most of their nutrients through their roots from the soil. That remains true. We were also taught that plant leaves also have stomata. (singular: stoma). A stoma is a tiny microscopic opening found on the under-surface of leaves.

These stomata are able to open up to receive micronutrients that come from the air when dew falls early in the morning, when the birds are still singing. They are also responsible for the interchange of gases like oxygen and carbon dioxide for respiration and photosynthesis. They help in the transpiration of water. They close or open their pores to maintain the moisture balance based on climatic conditions.

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And a few years ago, scientists at the University of California, San Diego in the United States, discovered a signal mechanism that controls a plant’s stomata. The researchers confirmed that plant stomata vibrates when exposed to music and bird songs as they chirp early during the morning dew. The music from the bird chirping allows the stomata to open and receive the micronutrients that descend upon the surface of the leaves.

Now, this brings a whole new meaning to allowing the music of the earth to fill our ears and to allow it to touch our hearts. If the chirping of birds can help plants to breathe better and absorb more nutrients, what music of the earth have you been absorbing into you? Or have you confined yourself only to music of the world?

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The droning of crickets, the screeching of bats, the crowing of cocks, the cooing of doves, the bleating of penguins, the piping of nightingales, the shrieking of owls, the bugling of swans, and even the whispering of grasses in the field, and the hollow in the woods, are all but a few musics of the earth.

Like the plant stomata, there are certain faculties within you that require constant feeding with varieties of nature’s music to facilitate their growth and health. The intuitive and discerning component of you, feeds exclusively on nature to mature, not on the world. So listen more carefully to the music that nature is playing.

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Yours sincerely,
Citizen Agba Jalingo.

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