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US President, Barack Obama
US President, Barack Obama
US Presidential hopeful, Donald J Trump
US Presidential hopeful, Donald J Trump

Donald J. Trump’s victory in Nevada on Tuesday, his third

win of the primary season, highlights the tough road ahead for

Marco Rubio, who has yet to win a contest despite support

from the Republican establishment. It also complicates things

for one G.O.P. leader in particular, Speaker Paul D. Ryan,

whose main goal this year is to set a policy agenda that both

Republican lawmakers and their presidential nominee will rally

behind. Here are five ways Mr. Trump could still stumble.

Democrats in South Carolina go to the

polls on Saturday as 11 states prepare to

vote in next week’s Super Tuesday contests.

Senator Bernie Sanders, attempting to clip

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Hillary Clinton’s strong lead in the state,

criticized her support of a 1996 welfare

reform bill. But there’s another difference

between the two that he keeps quiet about:

While Mrs. Clinton embraces her Methodist

beliefs, Mr. Sanders has all but avoided talking about his

Jewish identity .

President Obama laid out the qualities he’s seeking in a

Supreme Court nominee, but made no mention of the

Republicans’ pledge not to hold a confirmation hearing for

anyone he nominates. The eight justices currently on the court

will begin hearing arguments on March 2 about a Texas

abortion law that could have sweeping consequences across

the nation.

The Academy Awards have been widely criticized ahead of

Sunday’s ceremony for a nearly all-white nominees list. But

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statistics show that it’s bigger than just an Oscars problem; it’s

a Hollywood problem. “My role is not just artist. It’s also

activist because of the way I look,” said the actress and writer

Mindy Kaling, who spoke about what it’s really like to work in

Hollywood if you’re not a straight white man.

The iPhone belonging to one of the San Bernardino, Calif.,

attackers isn’t the only one the Justice Department is

demanding Apple’s help to unlock. At least nine other requests

have been made nationwide, supporting the company’s concern

that if it assists in unlocking one phone, that may set a

precedent for hundreds of others. Engineers at the company,

meanwhile, are said to be working on even tougher security

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In a dramatic twist to a case that has been dogged by

questions since its start, prosecutors in Brooklyn are moving to

drop charges against five teenagers accused of raping an 18-

year-old woman in a Brownsville playground in January. The

woman, who had given conflicting accounts to the police,

recently decided not to cooperate with the investigation.

Two puppeteers in Spain trying to make a point about

aggressive prosecution of antiterrorism laws were themselves

arrested this month, giving rise to one in a string of cases that

critics say demonstrates a chilling effect on protest and free

speech. “During the Franco dictatorship, troublesome artists

went to prison, but not in democratic Spain,” a spokesman for

a group of judges said.

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