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Burj Khalifa: HUAWEI IdeaHub on World’s Tallest Building

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As a leading global provider of ICT technology, Huawei has unveiled its award-winning productivity tool for the smart office – IdeaHub, which is described as redefining a new style of collaboration and communication, especially during these times of work-from-home or learning from home since the pandemic outbreak.

The Street Reporters Newspaper learnt that HUAWEI IdeaHub ensures collaboration across devices and many different spaces, combines different functions – whiteboard, video conference, wireless projection – with the application of latest intelligent collaboration tools and cloud technology.

The global ICT giant in a statement revealed that HUAWEI IdeaHub Tech Experience Zone, located at the base of Burj Khalifa, is demonstrating the wide array of features in different environments – whether it is classroom, office, or home.

Meanwhile, the HUAWEI IdeaHub video highlight on the world’s tallest building attracts the attention of the global audience. Hailed as the modern wonder of the world and a marvel feat of engineering, powerful visuals from Burj Khalifa should complement HUAWEI’s premium brand offering.


The New and Stylish Smart Office

HUAWEI IdeaHub is the ideal productivity tool for making a smart office as it should be. It bundles intelligent writing, High-Definition video conferencing and wireless sharing. A Red Dot Award 2020 winner for its simple user interface (UI) and design, IdeaHub is designed to suit any environment as it turns conference rooms, executive offices and open areas into smart spaces.

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Having researched thousands of enterprises, the HUAWEI IdeaHub is an ideal mix of intelligent collaboration technologies and simplicity at work on three aspects:


One of the most obvious drawbacks of remote working is the reduction of face-to-face contact amongst team members. In-person meetings allow participants to convey and receive much more information than just what is exchanged verbally.

As easy as pen and paper – With 35ms ultra-low writing latency, enjoy a smooth, ultra-responsive writing experience. Innovative intelligent writing recognition automatically identifies words, figures, and flowcharts. It even has a calligraphy tool to identify your writing style. Actual application scenarios can entail signing contracts remotely to simplifying complex offline operations.

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Cut, paste, edit, highlight – Enhance your meetings, identify key points and areas while penning them down, you can cut and paste words to move them back and forth or highlight things such as sales targets or assigning tasks to different teams.

For the record – With just a single tap, send whiteboard content and fresh ideas flying from the hub to remote sites. Reverse control allows users to control the PC from HUAWEI IdeaHub. Users can also collaborate and annotate on the screen at any time from their devices. It is also possible to use handwriting recognition to directly input and record notes.

Video Conferencing

While tools for audio and video conferencing have been in existence for many years, they have often been seen as providing an inferior experience to face-to-face engagements.

Centre of attention – As every professional meeting should be, the speaker is always the centre of attention. Auto-framing automatically adjusts the camera angle based on the conference room and the number of participants.

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Clarity – Video conferencing is conducted in crisp 1080p HD quality, with 4K content sharing. The flexible layout automatically switches between site views depending on who is speaking. Enjoy a smooth and natural experience every time.

Loud and clear sound – An array of 12 microphones uses beamforming technology to pick-up human voices over an 8-metre radius. Wider frequency for transfers ensures crystal clear, Hi-Fi audio at every remote site.

Cloud Connectivity

Cut the chords, go wireless – HUAWEI IdeaHub cuts the clutter to one external power cable. All required ports for wireless connectivity are concealed in the screen panel which can also serve as a projector or mirroring.

Cloud cover – IdeaHub supports HUAWEI Cloud Meeting and third-party cloud video conferencing services and platforms. Many such mainstream open office utility services are available on the HUAWEI ecosystem through its AppGallery. They simplify the complex process of cloud conferencing while delivering a better experience with 1080p-4K content sharing.

With HUAWEI IdeaHub, real-time collaboration becomes an effortless task. It eliminates the complicated and tedious mix of traditional methods for simple, intuitive, and convenient communication.

Now Huawei IdeaHub is also starting to sell in Africa.

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