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Cross River And VAT…

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By Citizen Agba Jalingo

From January to August 2021, Cross River generated 2.347bn from Value Added Tax (VAT). That is a paltry N293million monthly.

The State was allocated 20.478bn within the period. That’s approximately 2.559bn monthly allocation.

That means, if The FIRS stops collecting and sharing VAT as it is currently done and States take over, our State, Cross River, will loose over N2billion monthly and settle for the paltry N293m, that the State generates monthly.

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I hope whoever wants to be our next governor will not be an accidental governor again.

I’m sick and tired of hearing our State governors complain about our lean resources at every occasion as if they didn’t know the figures before campaigning or as if there were forced to run.

That is why we are putting out the figures FYI. If you want to run, how will you fill these impending gaps.

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If you are only prepared to go and complain in Peregrino House after election, please don’t run!

Yours sincerely
Citizen Agba Jalingo.


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