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Angry Landlord Evicts Atiku’s Musician YolyBoy for Singing “Atiku for President”

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Reports say angry Landlord has sent Atiku Abubakar’s musician, YolyBoy, out of his apartment for singing the trending song “Atiku for President”, saying “Go to PDP or Atiku’s house and be singing for him”.

The Street Reporters gathered that YolyBoy, who is now squatting in a studio confirmed over a telephone conversation that he has been chased out of his apartment by the Landlord.

The incident happened following his recent campaign and support for Atiku Abubakar to become president.

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According to YolyBoy, his Landlord who is a supporter of Peter Obi (#OBIdients) has not been happy with the way YolyBoy has been fully supporting and campaigning for Atiku. The situation became worst when YolyBoy sang the song “Atiku for President”.

The Landlord asked YolyBoy to sing for Peter Obi but YolyBoy refused.

The Landlord kept insisting as YolyBoy kept rejecting.
It then after some days became a very serious problem and then the Landlord became very aggressive and insisted YolyBoy should leave his apartment and go to PDP or Atiku Abubakar’s house and be singing for them.

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YolyBoy demanded some time to source fund and get a new apartment only for him to receive a call a very good evening from his neighbor telling him to come back home reporting that his Landlord broke into his apartment and made his properties thrown out by his boys.

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