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10 Reasons: Why I Preferred Prison To Police Detention

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  1. In prison, there is open-out by 9am. You can come out from your cell and walk around the prison yard which is usually a big compound, till lock up time by, 5pm.
  2. In prison, like Kuje, you have a small bed to lay your head.
  3. In prison, you have a bathroom and a toilet, no matter how dirty. The strict rules in prison cells will always ensure someone keeps it useable.
  4. In prison, you can bath and change clothes. Very few police stations have that ‘luxury.’
  5. In prison, there are sporting facilities to keep fit. For instance, in Kuje, I played volleyball. We also had football, table tennis and many table games like chess, scrabble, ludo, monopoly, etc to play.
  6. In prison, you have a church and a mosque. You are allowed to go there and pray. They only haven’t thought about traditionalists like us.
  7. In prison, your visitors are allowed to sit in the visit area and see you for at least 15min. In the police Station, whoever is lucky to see you will just stand by the cell gate.
  8. In prison, you have government food three times daily. The food is always very horribly though, but Kuje own was manageable. I even ate it once.
  9. In prison, there is an inmates welfare department where you can make calls to your family, friends and lawyers and the wlefare officers are usually very cautious.
  10. Because of the size of the prison and the number of inmates, you have the space to sneak around and do so many other things that you can’t do in a police cell. I won’t mention any of that here.
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These things don’t happen in your regular Police detention.

Now you see why I preferred prison ba?

Yours sincerely,
Citizen Agba Jalingo.

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