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NAUS Charges Governor Ademola Adeleke To Prioritize Students Welfare, Fulfill Campaign Promises To Them

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The leadership of the National Association of University Students (NAUS), Osun CMC has charged Governor Ademola Adeleke of Osun State to prioritize students welfare.

This was contained in a statement on Sunday signed by the NAUS Osun Chairman, Popoola Olayinka and Secretary, Okiji Akinleye.

They urged the governor to also fulfill his campaign promises for the students.

According to the statement, “Students and Youths are the future of our society, it is therefore crucial to ensure their academic and well-being in line with the campaign promises of Governor Ademola Adeleke was elected ND sworn-in, on the hopes and expectations that he would transform the educational sector of the State for better, beyond what he met on ground.

“We urge the Governor Ademola Adeleke to significantly make use of this opportunity to fulfil his campaign promises related to students welfare and education by providing access to quality education, ensuring adequate resources for schools, supporting teachers, providing scholarships opportunities to students and creating a safer and conducive learning environment, all of which form an essential aspects of his campaign promises.

“As advocates for students welfare, it is our responsibility to hold leaders accountable and push for policies that prioritize education and the well-being of students. We therefore bring the case of Universities in Osun State, including the prestigious institutions like Osun State University and University of Ilesa, who are currently facing unprecedented challenges that threaten their ability to deliver quality education especially in the area of inadequate funding; dilapidated infrastructure, limited academic resources, vis a vis a decline in the overall quality of education.

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“In the build-up to the 2022 gubernatorial election in Osun State, Governor Ademola Adeleke made a significant promise to the people of the state: to reduce the exorbitant school fees charged by state-owned tertiary institutions.

“This promise resonated deeply with the electorate, especially students and parents who have been burdened by the high cost of education.It is more than a year into his administration, it is important to remind Governor Adeleke of this promise and to urge him to take concrete steps to fulfill it.

“The issue of high tuition fees in Osun State tertiary institutions is a pressing concern that affects the accessibility of education to many deserving students.The impact of high tuition fees on students and their families cannot be overstated.

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“Many students are forced to drop out of school or defer their studies due to financial constraints. This not only hampers their educational aspirations but also deprives the state of the potential contributions these individuals could make to its development.

“Reducing school fees in state-owned tertiary institutions would not only alleviate the financial burden on students and their families but also increase access to education and improve the overall quality of the educational system in Osun State.

“It would demonstrate the government’s commitment to prioritizing education and investing in the future of its youth.

“In another vein, there has been a troubling trend of security agencies and their personnel invading university campuses under the guise of maintaining law and order, only to harass and arrest students without any formal notice or due process.

“This alarming behavior has raised serious concerns about the safety and rights of students within the university environment. One of the most pressing issues is the manner in which security agencies conduct these operations.

“Instead of following established protocols and working in collaboration with university authorities, they often act unilaterally, barging into campuses without prior notification.

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“This not only creates a sense of fear and insecurity among students but also undermines the autonomy of universities as academic institutions. Moreover, the actions of these security agencies often result in the violation of students’ rights.

“Many students have reported instances of physical and verbal abuse, arbitrary detention, and confiscation of personal belongings without any legal basis.

“Such behavior not only infringes upon the rights of students but also erodes the trust between the security agencies and the community they are supposed to serve.

“The government are therefore implore to work in collaboration with university authorities to address security concerns in a manner that respects the rights and dignity of all individuals involved.

“Conclusively, the NAUS shall be more proud to associate and be a partner in the process of building Osun and Nigeria as a whole, once the Government of Governor Ademola Adeleke Jackson shifted his positive focus to all these mundane issues that is threatening our growth as the future of tomorrow”, the statement read.

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