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One Year In Office: Governor Oborevwori to Inaugurate Multiple Projects - Aniagwu
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One Year In Office: Governor Oborevwori to Inaugurate Multiple Projects – Aniagwu

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Delta State Commissioner for Works, Rural and Riverine Roads, Mr Charles Aniagwu says Governor Sheriff Oborevwori has lined up numerous projects for inauguration to mark his one year anniversary in office.

Aniagwu who spoke to journalists shortly after inspecting some completed and ongoing projects in Okpe and Ughelli North Local Government Areas of the state, said that Governor Oborevwori was desirous to deliver quality projects to Deltans in line with his MORE Agenda.

The Works Commissioner who was flanked by Chief Press Secretary to the Governor, Sir Festus Ahon and Functioning Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Works (Rural and Riverine Roads), Engr. Solomon Aghagba said: “We have today inspected four different roads, the first one being the Adagbrasa Road that starts from Warri-Sapele Express and terminates at the Effurun Eku Road.

“Off course, it has a spur to Oha and the second one is 13.07km, the other one is Esezi Road in Orerokpe which is a dual carriageway and it is a 1.2km. It is a road that cuts across a very major part of Orerokpe, the headquarters of Okpe Local Government Area of the state.

“We also inspected the Okan junction to Agbarho and from there we are now inspecting this one which is about 3.47km. One Year In Office: Governor Oborevwori to Inaugurate Multiple Projects - Charles Aniagwu

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“The reason why we are carrying out this inpection is that the governor has directed that we must ensure that contractors are achieving three important things which are:

“One is to ensure that we are able to meet up with the speed which means in line with the schedule of work; two is to ensure that Deltans also get value for money which is to say that whatever that we have put in the Bill of Engineering Measurement and Evaluation, BEME, is adhered to and third reason and very importantly, is to ensure that the quality or standard of work is such that Deltans get value for the money that we are deploying for these different jobs.

“The governor is very much interested in these jobs and ditto any other jobs across the 25 local government areas of the state.

“What we are doing now is that, ahead of our one year in office, we are looking at the number of roads that we are sure will be completed.

“The first one we went which is Adagbrasa Road, you could see that that one is completed and by the grace of God, the road will be part of the roads that we are going to be commissioning in the course of our one year in office.

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“We have been assured by the contractor that these other three roads may likely fall in within that threshold but what is most important is that the contractor is not only on site, but he is actually moving with speed and l am very much impressed with the quality of work that they are bringing to bare.

“So, what it means is that this is not the time where a contractor gets a job and turn it to a bedroom and possibly begins to sleep.

“At our own end, by the grace of God, we will continue to see what we can do to meet up with the financial requirements of the jobs that we have awarded to contractors.

“For all these jobs that we are doing, we are taking cognisance of compensation and that is being handled by our valuers which is why you can see that a number of structures that are on the right of way have been removed.

“Let me use this opportunity to also appreciate our brothers and sisters that are leaving along these different corridors that we are constructing for showing a whole lot of cooperation and understanding.

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“And because of that, you can see that the contractors are working more or less seamlessly, we have not heard report of anybody disturbing them and we must thank them for appreciating that government is desirous of bringing development to them and that the cooperation that they are giving us makes it quite encouraging for the government to continue to partner with them as major stakeholders in the development of Delta.

“Be rest assured that Governor Oborevwori has the 25 local government map on his table. He believes that what is good for the gease is also good for the gander and that is what he is doing and that is why you are seeing that a number of jobs are being completed in some other local government and new jobs are being initiated in other local government.

“The same amount of zest he is bringing to bare in the works sector is also what he is bringing to bare in the education sector, in the housing sector and of course in many other sectors so that at the end of the day, you will have holistic development across the length and breadth of the 25 local government areas of the state.”

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