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Agba Jalingo on Try This With Your Wife Today
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Sunday Musings: Try This With Your Wife Today And…

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By Citizen Agba Jalingo

“Whoso findeth a wife findeth a good thing, and obtaineth favour of the LORD” (Proverbs 18:22)


Surprise your wife today. Put a smile she hasn’t had in a looong time, on her face today. Today, just choose to do one or more things you haven’t done for her for sooo long or have never done for her before. Break culture, ego, and even religion today and do something ‘crazy’ for her.

  • Wash her panties and bra.
  • Wash and kiss her feet.
  • Cook a meal for her and serve her.
  • Follow her to church.
  • Make her nails yourself.
  • Wash the car for her.
  • Open the door for her.
  • Give her money and more money.
  • Crack a joke for her.
  • Look her in the eyes and smile at her.
  • Give her a head on the couch.
  • Give her a new style on the bed.
  • Accompany her to the salon.
  • Buy her a new gift.
  • Return home and stand up for her. Help her deal with those her fears and anxieties.
  • Touch her nipple in a new way, more tenderly.
  • Take a shower, smell nicely, kiss her more deeply and whisper in her ears.
  • Sit that your ass down and listen to her for hours and don’t say a word unless nodding in agreement and don’t finger your gadget.
  • Take her to a swimming pool.
  • Take her for spa.
  • Make her hair yourself.
  • Forgive her.
  • Promise to always protect her.
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Just do anything that will surprise her TODAY. Not tomorrow. TODAY!

The wives go through a lot that we have no idea about. Multi tasking at every turn to maintain the balance in our beautiful homes. They deserve some accolades. They deserve some care today. Don’t delay it.