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Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu of Lagos State
2023 Opinion Politics

Sanwo-Olu: Tinubu, Forced To Beat A Retreat

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“Moja mosa lafi mo Akinkanju l’ogun. Balogun ti o ba mo’ja mosa, a maa ba ogun ibo mi lo ni”.

War Generals are known by their strategic understanding of how to advance and when to retreat in battle, a general lacking this war tactics will perish in battle.

Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu is a political general in a class all by himself in our political space. He has led many battles since his arrival on Nigeria’s political battle field, many he has won. But the times are not the same since the event at the Lekki Toll Gate.

Midnight Wednesday, 4th of May 2022, the news monitored on News of the People, by online platform had informed the public of Tinubu’s decision that Sanwo-Olu has been dropped for another candidate. Like a forest fire in dry season, it went viral with public reactions screwed against his unpopular decision. The god of Lagos was forced to beat a retreat!

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By Friday 6th of May 2022, his political stooges had gathered under the umbrella of APC stakeholders in Lagos at Adeyemi Boro Hall in Alausa to undo an obvious political calamity.

In the space of 48 hours, two men have trended on a variety of news platform, leaving Nigerians like myself to wonder what is true and what is not. Some persons still believe the video clip where Asiwaju pulled up the hands of Sanwo-Olu and Hamzat could be from a pre 2019 political contest judging by the fact that Hamzat was flanked by Obasa who will be contesting for his 6th tenure in the Assembly.

The Speaker under whose leadership Sharia Court gained a constitutional recognition in Lagos State will be coming back to speak on the singular decision of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, Christians in Lagos better be prepared for this Sharia advancement agenda in our once upon a time secular state. Indeed like Nigeria, ‘there was a country’, Lagos is fast becoming ‘there was a state.’

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It was no secret from various reporters, that Jagaban decided to drop Sanwo-Olu and choose another, as his preferred candidate. Barely 24 hours later, Governor Sanwo-Olu came out to openly debunk the rumour by telling us Bola Ahmed Tinubu bought his nomination form and is in support for his second term as Governor!

My question is why all of these are coming after a supposed rumor was released? Why didn’t Sanwo-Olu talk about Jagaban’s support from the outset? My issue isn’t even with Sanwo-Olu running for second term or not. I would just like to know if we are practicing democracy in Lagos State or not!

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It takes just one man to decide who represents the whole party?
One man to choose who the Party’s candidate will be even after many others will buy a nomination form?
Jagaban single handedly picked Fashola, then Ambode.

And when he stated that Ambode wouldn’t run for second term, his verdict was final, ratified by a kangaroo congress as opposed to thousands of others who had the power to vote Ambode in.

Even at the primary level of politics, democracy is being stolen from us.
In a bid to control the damage and debunk the “rumor” spreading like wildfire, Jagaban has endorsed Sanwo-Olu for a second term.
The real question now is what exactly are the terms and conditions of this endorsement?

Would we still have a man of the people come 2023? Or a Puppet dancing to the tune of the piper?

Dr Bolaji O. Akinyemi, an Apostle, with focus on revival and revolution, the BID as he is fondly called is also a strategic communicator and on Facebook as: Bolaji Akinyemi. Email: Email:

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