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APC Presidential Primaries: The Best Politician Won

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Presidential primaries are strictly a political party affair and of course it is meant to be won by the best politician and not necessarily the best aspirant in the race for the Job.

Tinubu proved he is an old war horse in the race. Let me therefore congratulate the kingmaker whose political sagacity is second to none!

Who else could have pushed the President and the party to submission, leaving them with no option than to step down all plans to frustrate his emergence as the APC flag bearer.

Abeokuta outburst was strategic and timely. He overwhelmed everyone, and succeeded in advancing his political profile from an aspirant to a candidate.

The margin with which he won confirmed my position before the primaries that the only way he will not pick the ticket is if the consensus option sailed through. Direct or indirect, once it is an election, conduct it 10 times, Tinubu will still carry the day!

Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the Presidential Candidate of APC in the 2023 election must however be humble in victory to know that times have changed. His sin against the demography of the Nigeria youths at Lekki Toll Gate only the youths can forgive.

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The massive mobilisation by the youths presently ongoing is not necessarily to support Obi but to stop the generation that him and Atiku represents!

He got away with every of APC attempt to muzzle him out of the race. Will he get away with a Muslim/Muslim Ticket? Not even a Northern Candidate would dare such!

Atiku and Obi are no match for the man who survived 48 hours of high level scheeming of the Northern Cabal against his emergence, but he survived them all!

His opposition in the coming election will come from two main groups: the #EndSars generation who have scores to settle with him and the disdained demography of the church with his Muslim/Muslim ticket.

Who though can be easily manipulated by him through his proxy in their midst as usual. But in the Church today is a new leadership who will trade nothing to see the Church have the honour she deserves in the political space!

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The unaddressed issue of subtle smuggling of the sharia component into the legal system and justice administration of Lagos State is already at the center of Christians’ political discuss in Lagos State.

Christian Association of Nigeria Lagos State chapter is looking away from it and doesn’t look ready to say anything about this, may be a bought over or at least a compromise.

Our political leaders and their Christian stooges better be prepared for the rage of the youths who are set to demand and defend the secularity of the State of Excellence!

The part of honour for the Leadership of CAN to toe on behalf of all Christians will be to do everything possible to stop this Muslim/Muslim Agenda and address them on the reviewed customary law of Lagos and the infusion of sharia to make known the true state of things.

Tinubu would have been a fantastic choice if the insecurity in the nation had no tribal and religious colouration.

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Let’s put things in perspectives, if our problem were political BAT would have been the best to unify all sides together at building one united nation.

How an aspirant who insulted the Igbo by not considering them in his quest for the party ticket hope to represent their hope of returning to Nigeria is what I don’t know.

How a presidential candidate who have said no word about the progrom going on in Southern Kaduna and who saw what happened in Owo will present a Muslim/Muslim ticket to the Christians in Nigeria and the Christian leaders will like party delegates, choose dollars over life and return to the constituencies of their church to tell a people being killed daily by fundamentalists to have no representation in the Executive Arms of Government, is what I can’t understand. But what Tinubu cannot make happen politically does not exist.

However, let me remind him that as far as the Nigerian youths are concerned the emperor who fell at Lekki Toll gate is still lying prostrate!

Dr Bolaji O. Akinyemi, an Apostle, with focus on revival and revolution, the BID as he is fondly called is also a strategic communicator and on Facebook as: Bolaji Akinyemi. Email: Email:

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