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Comrade Abdul-Azeez Suleiman CNG spokesman

Lokpanta Attacks on Northerners: CNG Tackles IPOB, Slams Abia Governor

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The Coalition of Northern Groups (CNG) has reacted to the claim by the Independent Peoples of Biafra (IPOB) the the attacks and killings of northerners and their cows at Lokpanta in Abia State was carried out by its armed terror wing, the Eastern Security Network (ESN).

Earlier, IPOB’S Spokesperson, Emma Powerful had issued a statement hailing ESN for the attack and killings.

Powerful, in the statement, admitted that IPOB and ESN are responsible for the killing of cows encroaching into people’s farm lands.

“We also warn the fulani terrorists not to venture attack on any community in the area as is in their nature.

“If they attack any community, that means fulani will no longer be allowed to do business again in that market,” Powerful said.

Reacting, the CNG in a statement issued by its Spokesman, Abdul-Azeez Suleiman blamed the Igbo leaders, particularly the Abia State Governor, Okezie Ikpeazu for encouraging and providing State cover for the incessant attacks and killing of herders and cows by shrouding IPOB/ESN murderers as unknown gunmen.

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“We are also quite aware of the lopsided response of the Abia governor to the recent killing of scores of cows and a herder at Lokpanta cattle market.

“Instead of taking steps to ensure that the movement of the lawful everyday fulani living as minority in Abia is not hindered, the governor acceded to his kinsmen’s demand for the immediate relocation of the Regional Cattle Market at Lokpanta.

“In order to pave the way for the recent murder of northerners and their livestock assets, Ikpeazu embarked on the demolition of buildings belonging to the northern communities in area and exposing them to merciless slaughter by the IPOB/ESN killer squad.

“We also recall that in February, the same group of killers had invaded another cattle market at Omumauzor in the Ukwa West Local Government Area of Abia State, killing eight traders from the North and slaughtering over 20 cows.

“We note especially, that the unprovoked Lokpanta attacks are not unconnected to the unrelenting disturbances created by certain interest groups in the South-East, in the form of the agitation for a separate State of Biafra which turned violent.

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“The embers of these killings of northerners were ignited and incessantly fanned by the IPOB and other authors of mindless violence and separatism supported morally and politically by the vast majority of the pliant and affrighted Igbo elites, politicians, traditional rulers, business persons, and the larger population of this ethnic group.

“Unprovoked evictions, attacks and killings of northerners in various parts of the particularly Abia State have resulted from the hate campaigns and propaganda being conducted by regional and ethnic agitators and obviously encouraged by the state government.

“Of late however, matters have reached a point whereby silence has become complicity and inaction is no longer an option.

“We therefore warn the Abia State political leaders, the IPOB/ESN murderers and all other perpetrators and sponsors of this diabolical scheme that their actions will not go unnoticed and in the fullness of time, they will be called to account for their crimes”, Suleiman said.


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