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GIA on Obaseki and the Integrity Question

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A reader raised the common worry of an average Nigerian on a Whatsapp platform. Is this not a possible way of getting compromised or doing fine “bara”?

It was forwarded to me by a leader I have great respect for. Though I was indifferent to it. However she requested that I respond to it.

Though, I sincerely really don’t have to respond because our pedigree is out in the open in Edo State.

I have never met Obaseki in my entire life. We appraised all candidates in 2020 and found him to be the best in the pack in the context of the state of the nation at that time, without leaving out the need of the Edo people. I worked for humanity in the last election in 2020 against a Pastor friend who supported me like no other person to give my late mother a befitting burial and before burial when she turned 70. I have preached for Pastor Osagie Ize-Iyamu about 5 times.

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I have slept in his house. Eaten on his table and had the privilege of his wife, a Professor of Medicine, yet a rare mother attended to me at their dining table. On ministry principles and nation building values, my convictions are rock solid simple!

Some persons haven’t forgiven me because I stood against my beloved politically in 2020!

My Brother couldn’t discern the time and lay his head down to be turbaned in the last election to gain political advantage. He lost on our appraisal to CAN in that election which favoured Obaseki, a man I am yet to meet till this day.

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I will die respecting Pastor Osagie Ize-Iyamu and e get why! You know me Ma. Your testimony of me and of those who know me is more than enough.

Pictures don’t lie. Our Ambassadors from 17 Local Government Area of the State mobilised for our decision 2020, now we are in 23 Local Government Areas out of 30! We have done it uncompromisingly before.

I, on behalf of our Team make the promise of an unbiased assessment of the present Administration led by Mr Godwin Obaseki and it will be followed by analysis of candidates’ pedigree, profiles and their penchants in view of the welfare of the people and the future of Edo State. We unfortunately do not do party politics.

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Candidates, based on our laid down indicators will be recommended for the job. Who to hire however is the decision of the electorates to make!

Contrary to the expectations of many, their GIA will be a slight departure from the usual provision of roads and drinking water kind of things. Development of Democracy as an institution and promotion of its ethos and culture by the Candidates will be a major consideration.

Under no circumstances should an undemocratic person be hired to lead in a democracy. A Press release on the benchmark for Governance Impact Assessment (GIA) on Edo will be issued on the 15th of April 2024. The same day, the GIA schedule for Ondo State will be announced!

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