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One Day, Someday….

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No matter how you love and protect her, if you like use the Rottweiler or even satellites to monitor her and ensure a man doesn’t come near that your little daughter or touch her, a day is coming when you, by yourself, will either be glad a man came to take her away or when you will ask her when a man is coming to take her away. You will even ask her if she needs deliverance to have a man touch her.

No matter how you protect him as your heir that will ‘bear your name,” no matter how much you want him around because he is male and prevent him from associating with females, a day is coming when he will take one female and leave you alone or when you will ask him whether his “pim pim,” is not working or whether he wants the whole community to turn you to a laughing stock or whether he is cursed, for not leaving your home to starting his own with another female.

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No matter how talented, witty, smart, beautiful, handsome, naughty, awesome, renowned, wicked, kind or godly you are, a day is coming when someone will dust you into a reference.

No matter how rich and wealthy you are, a day is coming, one ordinary day like today, when your current account balance will be someone’s tithe. In fact, that small boy or girl in your family that you don’t know his or her name and do not take notice of, could be the next big thing in your family line and it will surprise everyone the same way your own elevation shocked everyone.

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No matter your current sphere of influence, your strength of connection, your rank, your spiritual enlightenment or your grandeur, a day is coming, one very ordinary day, when one person, possibly not even born yet, will be far greater than whatever is your sum total today. For some, those who will take over from you are already in the front pews.

No matter how you fine reach, always remember the beautiful ones are not yet born sef. Their parents are still making love. Some of them, their parents have not even met. When they are born, their beauty will make self driving cars stand akimbo and even the rickety will turn down your own adulation by then.

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No matter how big you are today, someone is coming someday, that will make you small, that will dwarf and pale you into a lilliput.

In other words, the only records that have not been broken are the ones on the waiting list. And the only records that will not be broken are the ones that were never set. The only idea that will never become obsolete is the one that was never birthed. The only rules that will never change are the ones that were never started. The only Kings that never became history are the ones that were never enthroned.

If life itself will come to an end and pass away, is there anything that life offers that will stay?

Yours sincerely,
Citizen Agba Jalingo.

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