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Chairman of Nsukka LGA Traditional Rulers'Council, HRH Igwe Anthony Ezenma
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Nsukka LGA Traditional Rulers’ Council Welcomes New Chairman, Igwe Anthony Ezenma

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In a significant turn of events, the Nsukka Local Government Area (LGA) Traditional Rulers’ Council witnessed the inauguration of His Royal Highness, Igwe Anthony Ezenma, as its new Chairman on Friday, June 14, 2024. Known affectionately as ‘Ntu Magburu Enyi’ to his subjects and allies, Igwe Ezenma’s ascension marks a pivotal moment in the council’s history.

The modest yet eventful ceremony was a testament to the respect and admiration Igwe Ezenma commands. His appointment is seen as a breath of fresh air that promises to infuse vitality and enthusiasm into the traditional institution.

The transition was overseen by the outgoing Chairman, HRH Igwe Anthony Ochike, who gracefully concluded his four-year tenure. During the proceedings, he announced not only Igwe Ezenma’s leadership but also the appointment of new Vice Chairman, HRH Igwe Daniel Ugwuanyi; Secretary, HRH Igwe Simon Ugwu; and Patron, HRH Igwe Barr. Fabian Ogbuabor.

In his farewell address, Igwe Ochike commended the Governor of Enugu State, Dr Peter Ndubuisi Mbah, for recognizing the dynamic traditional rulers from Nsukka LGA for key positions at various levels.

He expressed his confidence in the new leadership’s ability to propel both Nsukka LGA and Enugu State Traditional Rulers’ Councils to greater heights.

Reflecting on his term, Igwe Ochike acknowledged challenges such as community insecurity and conflicts affecting Town Unions and Neighbourhood Watch groups.

He expressed hope that the new leaders would tackle these issues with wisdom and govern with transparency and accountability.

Chairman of Nsukka LGA Traditional Rulers'Council, HRH Igwe Anthony Ezenma
HRH Igwe Anthony Ezenma

Following his heartfelt speech, Igwe Ochike formally passed on the mantle of leadership to Igwe Ezenma in a poignant ceremony.

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HRH Igwe Ezenma, in his inaugural address, inspired his peers with an ambitious agenda for his term. He extended gratitude to the outgoing executive for their service and acknowledged that while some may have differing opinions on their performance, their efforts were commendable.

He also expressed gratitude to God for the opportunity and to the state Governor, Dr Mbah, for entrusting him with this significant responsibility.

The highly rated Traditional Ruler, declared that the people of Nsukka LGA love Gov. Mbah and don’t hate him. Attributing what happened during the 2023 elections to what he called, the Peter Obi factor, he revealed that those who faithfully believe in the zoning cycle in Enugu State worked hard to ensure that zoning pattern in the state manifested during 2023 elections.

He said, “I am one of those who absolutely support the zoning pattern of governorship position in Enugu State. We worked hard to see it come to pass in the last election, to the glory of God”.

“We will mobilize our people to go and pay solidarity visit to His Excellency. As a human being that he is, I want to believe that the last election is still in his mind… If he is failing there in the state house, we will be suffering it here. If he is succeeding, our work here will be easier”, the new leader said.

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In a rare move, he tendered apologies to any of his colleagues he might have offended knowingly or unknowingly, stating, “I want to apologize to everybody here. If there is any traditional ruler that feels I have offended him one way or the other, which I don’t know, I beg for forgiveness and I ask you to support me because if I succeed, we all succeed and if I fail, we all fail. Whether you like it or not, you are part of it. Like I said, no man is an island,” he concluded.

However, directing that all members of the former Executive
in whose possessions are property of the Council should hand over same to the new Secretary of the Council before the Council’s next meeting, the diligent Traditional Ruler, made his first appointment, HRH Igwe Chukwuemeka Utazi of Anuka as his Public Relations Officer. He, also, ruled that a Personal Assistant to the Chairman would be appointed alongside other regular officers remaining.

Nevertheless, one of the high points of the epoch-making event, was perhaps when the Chairman of Enugu State Traditional Rulers’ Council, HRH, Igwe Samuel Ikechukwu Asadu, who is also a member of Nsukka LGA, Traditional Rulers’ Council, took the stage to present his goodwill address.

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He thanked God, Nsukka land, the Governor, the incumbent Chairman of Nsukka LGA Traditional Rulers’ Council and his outgoing counterpart. Urging all to neither be afraid nor despair, he expressed confidence that God Almighty would make the new chairman and other leaders succeed.

HRH, Igwe Hyacinth Ifeanyichukwu Eze, the Traditional Ruler of Ibagwa-Aka, who, also, doubles as the Patron of Enugu North Senatorial Zone, Traditional Rulers’ Council, who graced the occasion, during his goodwill message, described Nsukka LGA Traditional Rulers’ Council as blessed, saying, with the array of men of timber and calibre in it, you are favoured.

The event witnessed a good turnout of members of the Traditional Rulers’ Council. Some of the notable traditional rulers on hand were HRH, Igwe Dr. Emeka Ugwu; HRH, Igwe Moses Edoga and HRH, Igwe Ambassador Patrick Okolo.

Others were HRH, Igwe Pius Agbo, HRH, Igwe Prof. Falix Onah, to mention but a few.

At the end, as usual of him, HRH, Igwe Anthony Ezenma, treated all and sundry to a sumptuous
meal that elicited pomp, pegeantry and conviviality, giving out, to all who participated in the auspicious event, souvenirs comprising interestingly valuable items, etc.

As Nsukka LGA Traditional Rulers’ Council embarks on this new chapter under Igwe Ezenma’s stewardship, there is an air of optimism for transformative leadership that will honor tradition while embracing progress.

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