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Dasuki Re-arrested by DSS

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Former National Security Adviser (NSA), Col Sambo Dasuki has been rearrested yesterday in Abuja by the Department of State Security.

Dasuki met bail conditions and was granted bail from incarceration in Kuje prison.  As he savored his freedom, the DSS made a grab for him again and took him to custody.

It would be recalled that Dasuki is standing trial for alleged money laundering and spending of money meant for arms to fight insurgency on the north east of Nigeria. The said money runs into billions of dollars.

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Over the past two months news has been trending that Dasuki had started naming the people that spent the money with him and featured the president, Mr Muhammad Buhari, as a benefactor of three bullet proof jeeps and $300,000, an allegation the presidency has neither fully refuted nor acquiesced.


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