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George Weah Jnr

Liberian President’s Son Sentenced In France

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The son of the President of Liberia, George Weah living in France, has been given a suspended sentenced for disturbing the peace of neighbours and causing noise pollution outside Paris.

Gearge Weah Junior and his friends held a lot of parties in his home. Neighbors complain they increase the volume throughout the nights during the week depriving them of sleep before going into work.

His neighbour’s sued him to court after he held a number of wild parties at a private home in a suburb town in Paris which he had been warned repeatedly.

While in Court, Prosecutors had asked for a three-month suspended prison sentence but the judge opted for a heavier punishment and gave him six months suspended judgement.

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He was also asked to pay 21,400 euros to be divided between the six civil parties for non-pecuniary damage.

The Judge said “This is a first warning but there won’t be a second,” He added that “the repeated noise issues had an impact on the health, personal and professional life of the people within the neighbourhood”

“It was not a small issue but a crime. And you haven’t done anything to decrease the volume, whether it’s the music or your guests shouting,”

Many of the neighbours who testified said they had been woken up about 50 times by music from the party held at different times which spanned from 1st January 2019 to 14th February, 2021. One of the parties they said included fireworks shot from the terrace of the home.

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The Court was told that Officers have gone to his house more than 10 times in the morning to warn him to turn down the volume of his music.

The neighbors said they have tried to talk to the 33 years old President’s son so many times before calling the Police as the noise became worse during the Covid-19 confinement period.

They added that “We are in front of an individual who puts his interests before those of society and who has no limits,”

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Weah, who had been living off a large monthly allowance from his father, claimed that he had made the mistake of lending his place to friends when he was away. Twice he was said to have invoked diplomatic immunity with his Liberian Passport which does not cover him.

Someone may be asking, can this happened in African soil, especially in Nigeria?

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