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APC Is Fast Becoming Harborage For Renegades And Moles From PDP

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By Obi Ojage

Happy new year to all Nigerians, especially Cross Riverians at home and in the diaspora; both men, women and youths, comprising young girls and young men.

We thank goodness, which derives it strength from the mercies of the Lord Almighty, who’ve made it possible for us to see this great year of the Lord, 2022.

We rejoice in it and give the Lord thanks and adoration anyway and how we deem it fit to carryout our praise and worship, provided it is to the Lord who operates in the void as a Ghost and Holy. And not to the gods who operates in echelons as principalities and rulers of different kingdoms of woes and that of darkness.

The political seasons is here, as we all know. We’ll soon be going into an election where new sets of leadership would emerge through our votes. You must show interest to determine who that person is by joining a political party of your choice.

Most probably, the ruling party because of its incumbency advantage. Do not say you’re not a politician. Nobody is not until you decide to join. Do not stay on the fence. I urge you to come on board the APC.

It is the party to beat. And we’re confident of the powers imbedded in truth over the prevailing evil no matter who orchestrated it.

I decided recently to focus my mind on my state of Cross River, where I made a case stoutly in defense and support of Governor (Prof.) Ben Ayade as against my previous stands because he is now the Governor on the platform of my party and not the PDP where he formally was. And by that token, he now assumed the leadership of APC in Cross River.

As an APC member I have no choice, whether he recognises my role in the party or not, I am bound to still do the needful as a committed party man. I am an independent soul.

Whether in politics or elsewhere, I crave more for what satisfies the soul because it has the potential to sustain my life against earthly hazards than the longing to enslave the body derogatorily with material entrapments owing to its quest under the control of human devils.

Ben Ayade is Governor today tomorrow it will be someone else; it could be my blood brother or a close friend amongst those qualified and hankering to be, I do my best to consolidate leadership wherever I find myself.

I thought I was born to be a king maker. But I got it all wrong. Not in Nigerian political settings where inputs in areas of one’s speciality is not what determines your growth and recognition.

But who you kowtow to amongst those in the corridor of power to sponsor your quest or the occult group to which you belong to find support from a fellow or resort to extraneous means to find yourself, anyhow, into an elective position. Whether you’re sound upstairs or not, what matters is the money you’ll make eventually from those positions from where you’ll now become a household name and a force to recon with within your chapter, state or at the national level.

Mine had nothing to do with those conditions as I was employed to work as an editor of a paper own by a politician and everybody in that employment automatically became members of that political party from where I became inclined to politics but limited myself in the area of my professional competence were I became recognized as a political force equipped enough to represent the interest of my constituency in the federal house, from where I began to witnessed strange challenges.

Unknown to me that those challenges were not natural but the handiwork of belligerent forces in league with some members of my direct family whose aim was to keep me in perpetual servitude where those who were then unfit to talk to me are now the ones fully in charge in a political configuration I once was seen as a colossus.

This is the real reasons why on seeing these same men and women of darkness sponsoring persons to write ugly things against the current president to see to the collapse of the government under his leadership, I vowed to fight back with the pen in defense of Mr. President thanklessly as if my life depends on it. Why?

Because the current President is enthroned to lead this country by the Lord Almighty, who operates in the void as a Ghost and Holy. It could’ve been any one of the Lord’s chosen from any part of the country.

But the lot fell on General Muhammadu Buhari a Muslim from Daura in the North. And not until he leaves the stage as the President of Nigeria and leader of our party, its our duty as his subjects and members of the same political party with him, to protect him from containable smears thrown at him by some evil minded members of the opposition groups to weakened his resolve to carryout the Lord’s plans for Nigeria.

Those involved in sponsoring the various atrocities and the unrest prevailing in the country including the unnecessary killings, banditry and kidnappings are not doing that to General Buhari. They’re doing that but to themselves and family. What you sow that shall you reap.

I have proven that I am an unbiased Oracle meant to support those the Lord had enthroned. Whether they’re disposed to appreciating me or not. They would only ignore my divine counsel to their detriment.

I have further displayed that in the three numbers of articles I painstakingly wrote in succession that trended in the social media space recently. Which is meant to extol the virtues of Governor Ben Ayade where his performances were placed side by side with those of his predecessors namely Mr. Duke and Imoke.

The duo of Duke and Imoke are my friends. We have no problems except that we’re now in different political parties. And I’m duty bound to work for my party. So would they do to theirs.

I was one of those who helped in strengthening Dukes government which was faced then with the most unsavory opposition ganged up by Tribal Warlords from the Central and Northern Cross river against governor Donald Duke who was from the South under the cover of the so-called Atam-Congress, during his first tenure as Governor of cross river.

I have no reason to say anything derogatory of Duke in favour of Ayade. Nor do I of Imoke. We started PDP as a party in the state together. It was Liyel Imoke who on hearing that I was seriously ill, called and sponsored my trips for treatment in one of the best Indian Hospitals then, known for the treatment of heart disease’s in New Delhi, India, “Fortis Escort.”

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And well over eighteen million Naira was spent on me by government, approved by Governor Liyel Imoke, beside other assistance extended to me. I made more than four trips to Delhi to have myself well treated of that ailment.

How could I forget such a man? But I have to say what I had to say in the circumstance to correct the wrong impression given of the current Governor Ben Ayade to the cross river people.

I never knew Ben Ayade during my days in the PDP. He wasn’t an active player and close enough to the system for me to know him or for him to have had contact with me. Or rather he wasn’t with us during Duke’s first term where I reigned subprime as Duke’s confidante.

I heard he merely crashed during Imoke’s regime and negotiated himself a ticket to the Nigerian Senate just like that. The rest is history now. The Lord has blessed and favoured him so much in his political Carrier and journey.

He has no reasons not to show the same measure of favour to those who come to him for help, in retrospect, for an intelligent and a highly evolved Soul which his relationship with his God now seems to suggest.

I have merely seen the Governor Ben Ayade once in my life all through my political dealings in the state. And that was just recently. During the last gathering of the party to welcome those three persons who decamped from the PDP to join us in APC.

And I doubt if the Governor has ever seen or met me in person before, except by reputation in the course of the display of my beliefs or on the series of uncomplimentary things said about me to him by those who glory in evil to tarnish my reputation just to keep me asunder because of the rays of light and the content of my contributions which often exposes their evil concealments should I be a part of affairs in the going’s on politically in the state as one of the silent voices of reasoning that often resonates and be crying in the wilderness for attention.

It is not that the Governor had no flaws or has not come short of the expectations of cross riverians in areas of their preferences and which they’d had to make series of demands on him against which they’d to accused him of failure.

But because that is what is expected of me as an image maker to do for the Governor as a true party man to launder and put the records straight in his favour.

I cannot be in a party and not use my platform or anyone available to write to influence the public of the right things to believe in defense of the leadership.

Then I wouldn’t claim to worth anything. That’s what partisan politics is all about. You must afford to make positive contributions to justify the demands you make or may likely make on the system especially if the party is in control of government.

And not to be engaged in mudslinging or backbiting of fellow party men to gain undue favour as it is now prevalent unfortunately in cross river APC. I hope that should stop. As we have PDP in the state to contain with in the elections ahead of us where all hands is expected to be on deck to ensure victory for the party.

None of the image makers if there are any or supporters and beneficiaries of these Government have been able to present the Governor in the manner I did in those recent write-ups. I did not come out in praise of Governor Ayade, no!.

I merely stated the facts as they’re with enough logic to drive home my point commonsensically to make the governor feel proud and elated as it should be. And not to be weighed down and derided by the many accusations from the public concerning his negligence and insensitivity to their outcry over his failure on the improvement of public utilities.

And give them the “treat’s” which Donald and Imoke’s government did variously. Especially the last article which I captioned: “Cross River Should Stop The Enthronement Of Heartless Thieves In Succession As Governors”. The article was described by many as classic, elucidating and all in compassing.

The same article was also described in another circle to represent a display of both poetry and logic buried in an undisputed truth; especially on the vexing issue of the huge indebtedness left behind in the state by previous government for whoever comes into government after them to inherit.

And where subsequent government are mandatetorilly bound to forfeit a large chunk of their state monthly allocation from Abuja all to defray debts over projects that are now moribund. And over such ventures which are unlikely to be redeemed due to the huge sum required to commence and complete them.

In the said write-ups I exonerated the current governor Ben Ayade of any culpability in his failure to see to the completion of those projects before embarking on new ones being the complaints of the majority of cross riverians who accused him of been biased against what would’ve gone as Duke’s legacies left uncompleted.

Ignoring that, I went ahead to extol the Governor’s virtues to high heaven’s to the hundreds of audience’s who read me every week on Facebook Messengers, WhatsApp and many of the online blogger outfits who carry my stories here and abroad.

Upon that surprisingly, the Governor, Prof. Ben Ayade had neither acknowledged my recent contributions to launder his image nor thumb me up for the efforts so far.

Christmas has come and gone. Not even a card did I receive from government house in recognition of my recent open support for the Governor whom I have neither met in person, benefit from or have him endorse me, as he should, for the position I now seek on merit as the National Publicity Secretary of the party from the state at the forth coming National Convention of the party in Abuja.

He has refused to see me nor address the issues where my name was recently been shortchanged as delegate to the convention. Maliciously done to frustrate or cut short my ambition by those of his men who came to meet us in the party. I mused!

I wonder what advantage is there of having a Governor on the platform of the party for those of us who are old members of APC especially those who are grossly incapacitated under a ruling party where provisions are never made to lively up their spirit even during festive periods like Christmas and the new year festivities.

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Is unheard of anywhere. Whereas the local government chairmen of the PDP “2” members who are now taking solace in APC waiting to return back to base are flourishing.

Including the political appointees of government who crossed over with the governor are seen sharing money amongst themselves while the old members in the same ruling party who have no job, go without celebrating Christmas because their party cares less about them during crucial periods of merrymaking as this one, the world over. And You Say E” Go Better?

This is not about me as a person that I speak. I am use to such situations especially when those who are there see me as rival. My Local government chairman who crossed over to meet us in APC hardly picks my calls.

He still behaves as though we’re in two different parties. I am rather talking of the majority of young men and women who are old party members and supporters of APC in the state who have nowhere to turn to but to look up to the leadership as a ruling party for something to use in celebrating the festivals with their friends and love ones.

Its appalling as we watched PDP members across our homes opposite busy sharing rice and money made available in a pull meant to be shared to their members all over the wards and chapters.

Here in my ward at the Municipality, the original PDP “1” sponsored by their honourable members both the junior and upper houses of assembly including a senator, tries to outwit their counterpart PDP “2” now in APC who are having their own show been bankrolled by the Chairman of Calabar Municipality who now pays allegiance to a one time rubbers stamp former PDP state chairman he now openly calls his Lord and savior, both of whom are now with us in APC, displaying money to see who amongst them celebrates and spends government money I heard was approved for them to be withdrawn and spend for Christmas.

While the old APC members in this case stay aside and watch, waiting for what their individual stakeholders would graciously send to them. I know of Senator (Prince) Bassey Otu.

And Senator John Owan Enor both of whom I’m told have been sending gift of bags of rice and money depending on individual needs to their supporters. And of cause; yours truly was not excluded.

Because of his new life in Christ, Prince (Sen.) Bassey Otu never forgets to send me gift on festival periods like this. He sends me gift usually that are befitting of his perception of who I have proven myself to be in the society, politics aside. It takes the spirit of discernment to arrive at such conclusions.

Only those with the touch of the Holy Spirit are able to break the “Vail” of evil deceits from the gods to reach out to someone filled of light like me to assuage the tide. Fetish men and women or those of the occult can’t contemplate such fraternity for my uplifting.

Those who dare it, do so reluctantly. Because I am adversed to their institution and practice. They’re warned by the gods from where they get their sudden upliftments to make sure I am fought down to subsistent level wherever I rare my head up the ladder of progress.

Which is why I do not bother my head when some of these so-called rich men I do assist in promoting their course later turn around to show indifference to my pleas.

But who are they to foretell the future in such manner when the Lord hasn’t endorsed it? Hence I am proceeding up the ladder steadily by thy grace. It would take the death of a thousand Occultist, Witches, Wizards and Sorcerers to alter the trend thenceforth, hence I am alive! Praise be to the most high!

I wonder how the party intends to defeat the present crop of PDP members in the company of Donald Duke, Imoke, Sandy Onor, Ghesiom Bassey, Assien Ayi, Dasuki including all other National Assembly members in their ubiquitousness coupled with the traditional following it will muster to her advantage in magnetizing support, when our Governor’s concentration seems to be focused mostly on the handful of the members he (Ayade) brought over with him from the PDP who have eventually taken over the structures of the party as PDP (2) including his appointees who are predominantly those he gave appointment then as PDP members to the detriment of the old members in APC who are large in numbers and poorly treated.

No reasonable appointment are being given to this lots. Nothing, nothing! Too much water everywhere but none available to drink.

What synergy therefore would you expect if such an atmosphere is allowed to prevail which lacks the expected conviviality?

I have said this and I am going to repeat it hear again that President Muhammadu Buhari of Nigeria is not one known to move to do what is not right between man, his conscience and his God; simply because it is been propelled by public outcry.

Equally so, he is not given to, and never in the habit of supporting anybody who fails to win election in his or her local enclaves or states justifiably.

And thinks just because he or she is a member of his party in a situation where those who make up the majority and constitute the strength of the party capable of wining such elections in the area in question are being marginalised unduly by those in authority there, with the hope that the president would remedy the situation in the course of their failure to win their opponent convincingly. General Buhari will not.

It happened in Ekiti, Imo state and the recent case in Anambra.

I don’t know how not to say the truth to enhance the quality of success I seek. Nor fail to point out the facts as they’re to assist leadership wherever I belong.

This is so because I don’t know how to play anti party activities. I either stay with the party to fight to defeat our opponent squarely or stay out of it.

The fact that I am in politics does not mean I should become a crook overnight or a pantaloons to those who are greedy and unmindful of how others feel just because they’re in power and can coarse others who are vulnerable to submission.

I am not a desperate person nor one amongst those who are bent on getting things at all cost even when it will cause the lose of a Soul in the process. No, I don’t! I have a “true knowledge” of how to live in the world and not be consumed by it.

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I am though a radical, known to be fearless, and had been to hell recently and back. But in all of that I abhor dubiousness and treachery of all forms nor exhibit such threats. I get my things on merit through hardworking, endurance and the display of capacity with the fear of the Lord in all I dare do.

Even where the likes of Femi Adesina fails to recognize my highly applauded contributions by the general public up till now as the SA to the President on Media and Publicity; done out of pettiness and tribalism against me as a none Yoruba for acknowledgement by the presidency, I bother less and continue unrelentingly with my support for the president.

The burden is on them to bear. And such challenges had made me to write what could go for many books in the course of my resilience and support for this government under President Buhari.

My series of write-ups are there in the public domain as one of the most vociferous defender of the President from the South. I am yet to see anyone who has written more convincing articles in defense of President Muhammadu Buhari against those who maligned or abuse the president over the period as myself, including Mr. Femi Adasina, the presidential spokesperson.

I have lost count on the number of articles I have written on Buhari alone. No one can deter me from doing that which I know is the right thing to do.

My ferventness speaks, especially where I am convinced. I believe in total loyalty to constituted authority especially leadership of a party to which I belong as a politician. I equally do so in my service to the Lord as a Christ Devotee. I enjoy doing what I am doing.

Political activities is about to start. Traitors are beginning to sharpen their knives in readiness to slaughter those who fall prey too their antics. They’re those who are regarded as traditional politicians who live only by going about hitting people’s heads together to curry favour.

And we know them. But no mater how much evil they’ve carried out in the course of their activities, some people still count on them because of their nuisances and treachery.

Not until they get hit themselves before they’re brought to the conclusion that trails these lot. But we who know them do sound a note of warning for those who care to listen.

The three members who suddenly decamped from the PDP into APC recently, namely Etubom Arch. Bassey Eyo Edem, Rt. Hon. Orok Otu Duke and lastly chief Barr. Edem Ekong are known fellows.

But at this point of our political journey and the ramblings in APC they should’ve been made to undergo some scrutiny or compliant checks to determine their true motives and state of relaxation as well as their sincerity of why they chose to leave PDP at this last moment.

Before the fanfares accorded each and everyone of them would’ve taken place. I say so out of experience. This is so, so as to guide the Governor from making some of the statements he made out of excitement of having these members join us from the PDP.

The more they say, the merrier. Some of the statement made by the Governor did not go down well with most APC stalwarts who attended the mega rally. I was present at the rally ground and heard what majority of the old members by my side were saying.

Much as the party welcomes new members into its fold, the party must also be guided not to inherit liabilities or those who would hold the party to ransom in a situation where their inordinate expectations are not realized for the sole reason being that they’re new comers who were supposed to queue up in waiting for when it gets to their turn to be supported if they’re competent and capable of wilding party supporters to accept their candidacy, than jumping the queue for whatever consideration they ascribed to themselves in coming. It won’t work.

Such practices if allowed for whatever reasons adduced will be detrimental to the peaceful atmosphere which the present stakeholders seems to have created by bending over backwards I supposed; who are now doing their best to manage the Fallout’s and feelings of despair amongst their supporters who feel shortchanged during the recently concluded wards, local chapters and state Congresses. Some of which cases are still in court.

And efforts are being made by the newly elected but yet to be sworn in state executive members to persuade those aggrieved to have the cases withdrawn from various courts. Otherwise, such moves will be most unfair and counterproductive.

Many in that gathering did not accept the attributes Harald. As many of the things ascribed to the new comers by the state Governor where he virtually turned the decamped persons into supermen overnight in his speech (trust Ayade) at that occasion were totally misdirected and capable of quenching the zeal of an already wounded old members of the APC who’ve had their anticipated positions taken over.

Its like one oppressors too many. Where people are made to reap where they sowed less or sowed nothing at all.

Meanwhile, don’t you forget that I, Comrade Obi Offiong Ojage is the best choice for the position of National Publicity Secretary of our great party APC, from the South South zone with track record of performance in that field.

Doggedly proven with razzmatazz, if the party truly rewards loyalty. And not given to sycophants and lier’s but those with something to show like myself. I didn’t just come. I have been on this lane for years writing to prove myself worthy of acceptance as the right person for the job of National Publicity Secretary.

Now the position has offered itself. It can’t just be only those from the West or Middle Belttans who should always occupy such positions. We from the South South zone deserve it too. This is why I have come.

And as one who has sacrificed so much thanklessly, using my time and resources in propagating the party and in defense of President Muhammadu Buhari who is the leader of the party from dissident groups and those sponsored as Jobs-men to smear his hard earned reputation under the guise of opposition.

Done for purposes of bringing down the government under his leadership. And I have been consistent in my defense. My works are all there in the public domain as a true party man. Talk is cheap!

“End Time Message!”

God with us…….

*Obi Ojage writes from Cross River State



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