Nigeria and Godless Religions

By Alex Agbo

As the deadly Coronavirus spreads like wildfire across the globe, certain measures, some desperate and extreme, are being taken by nations.

Cities are on lockdown in several countries. From China to Europe and the Americas, one by one, everyone is taking measures and citizens are complying to the letter.

Churches, schools, mosques, malls, and so on are being shut down, even as death toll rises worldwide.

Italy is now the worst hit European country. Lately, the epicenter seems to be shifting to Africa. And countries across Africa are making frantic efforts to ensure it doesn’t get out of control.

Nigeria and Godless Religions with Nigerian flagComing to Nigeria, the most populous black nation on earth, which has no record of outstanding medical breakthroughs, the story of how to deal with the virus is a total collection of sordid jokes.

First of all a certain Italian guy flew into the country, went through the airport checks undetected and went to Ewekoro Cement factory, where he is a consultant.

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Then, he reported himself and was quarantined at the Yaba Centre for Infectious Diseases. And that’s all! We didn’t hear of anything else that was done about his case. He suddenly grew well and started to eat amala.

That is our testimony.

The Federal Government, in the wake of the rising number of cases of infections, has ordered closure of any place where more than fifty people could gather such as schools, churches and mosques. Now here is where we have a problem.

Our religious leaders seem to own a republic within a republic. This is where I have a problem with our own brand of religion. It disobeys the rule of the land. As I type this, many churches are open and their members ignorantly troop in claiming the government is fighting against christianity.

Be it known that the European countries where christianity came from, the United kingdom and Italy are currently on lockdown.

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Saudi Arabia is on lockdown.
The government needs to rein in these recalcitrant people causing rebellion among citizens to set examples that its rules are meant to be obeyed irrespective of convenience.

Christianity that doesn’t obey simple law is just religion and not christianity.

One of the key features of this era is the irresponsible behaviour of citizens and government officials. While the government is neck deep in propaganda, dishing out incredible lies, the people themselves are encouraging themselves to their own deaths.

In the middle of the crisis, Jack Ma, Chinese philanthropist and politician brought a plane load of kits to help the victims get over the infection.

The first illogical thing is that the Nigerian infection centre which is Lagos was bypassed even though the airplane landed in Lagos.

Second and more worrisome is that while we are taking donations from people with humanity in them, members of the house of representatives are buying cars worth over $30,000.

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What else is the definition of inhuman? Here is a country with no working medical facilities. This is the country that claims to be broke.

There are Christian’s and muslims among these people. What religion does not teach its adherents to be human? It appears that Nigerians, leaders and followers, are just a hypocritical people.

We need to start by reorientating our people about avarice, greed and wild corruption.

It is time to sit down and talk about many things, particularly religion. We are obviously becoming a nation of heartless people.

Alex Agbo is a contributing editor
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