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iWalk!: What You Need To Know
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iWalk!: What You Need To Know

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1st of October 1960 marks the end of colonialism on Nigeria soil, ending British Rule in the most populous African state, free from the Colonial Masters but enslaved by her political class! Our free state still needs a Long Walk to Freedom!

Independence Walk (iWalk) was conceived to find the ideological path on which we must take our walk and lead the way where possible.

We have had 3 stints with democracy in the past. The 1st, 2nd and 3rd Republic. Lessons should have been learnt that should be of benefits to the establishment of a lasting democratic culture in the 4th Republic.

But our political class are more determined at keeping the status quo than moving the nation forward.

With enshrined political culture of hatred grown through tribalism, bigotry, and nepotism; all narratives of the political class to hold their grounds on tribal sentiments or religious affinity whichever knot is fit on the neck of the masses with which to drag them to the political slaughter slab like a goat; willy-nilly!

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Traditionally, political structure are controlled by the political class, making it impossible for candidates outside their class to emerge the President of Nigeria, no matter, their learning, exposure, good intention and proven track records.

Our elections are therefore characterized by rigging, ballot box snatching and what have you.

We can’t deny the progress made at institutionalizing democracy vis a vis the new electoral law which has brought us into the interesting political reforms which we, as a people must nurture to save our nascent democracy from the political hawks!

Stripped no doubt, our political class are still left with their pants on in form of vote buying, this seems to be the only cloak left saving our election process from the nakedness it deserves if it must birth a “power to the people” philosophy that will engender good governance.

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We necessarily must walk away from mediocrity that has characterized our politics and polity to embrace meritocracy.

iWalk therefore, is an advocacy walk, a non violent, no protest walk that will annually call global attention to issues in Nigeria’s polity and create national awareness around such. It will be a solution offering advocacy, initiating political education of the masses on the issues of concern.

iWalk; #NoToVoteBuying is our maiden edition!

iWalk is powered by Project Victory Call Initiative, Also Known As PVC-Naija. iWalk will hold in all state capitals in Nigeria and the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja on Monday, 3rd October 2022!

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A nonpartisan, nonreligious ideological walk to lead the nation forward.

Join the walk at your State Capital and the FCT using the link below to register:

Beyond Advocacy and Political Education, PVC Naija is approved by INEC for election observation, following the need to create massive oversight for the 2023 election in 176,846 observation units, we will give opportunity to participants who are interested in observing the election. Such will be drawn, trained and equipped for the assignment.

Observers from our participants during the walk will need to cut off logistics of transportation to and fro, accommodation, even logistics of movement on election day which INEC wasn’t responsible for during Ekiti and Osun.

This is the reason we are asking for Wards where iWalk participants’ PVC are domiciled to enable them observe election in a Ward near theirs.

Dr Bolaji O. Akinyemi, an Apostle, with focus on revival and revolution, the BID as he is fondly called is also a strategic communicator and on Facebook as: Bolaji Akinyemi. Email: Email:

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