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Donald Duke, Obi Ojage and Pius
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Today’s Men Of Power In Cross River APC, Hidden Rivals Behind Strained Relationships, And A Day With History

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“Still In The Same Matter What You Do With Obi Is The Way You Would Fare In The Face Of The Storm.”


CONTINUED FROM “There Is Still Gold Dust In The Air Massively Untapped: Not All That Glitters Is Gold

“The Governor Mr. Donald Duke, for my sake, had to ask for a room to be arranged in Liyel Imoke’s house, then a Minister for power, that night just to meet with the two of us. And in that meeting, Governor Duke told Dr. Pius Tabi Tawo that he has not seen a man like Comrade Obi Ojage, where he had to go all out often to bring people to him as his friend, being a Governor, instead of staying to sort himself.

“After then we talked about the issues and I help reconcile Donald’s acceptance to work with Tawo in PDP from where Liyel Imoke adopted him without any further queries after Duke’s tenure as Governor of the State. Rt. Hon. Essien Ekpenyong Ayi is my witness because he came into the room from their meeting venue to greet us.

“Today, I am an enemy with an issue of blackmail and ridicule to these men of today’s power.”

“These are the issues. People may just be dancing in open praises but when the chips are down, they’ll do something else.

“We have seen it come to pass before in the same circumstances. You do not display braggadocio as a party and make people irrelevant and later come to beg them to make peace, so that you would win the elections to turn around and dish them.

“That’s childish and unattainable in the history of tribal politics. Those who endorsed that in All Progressives Congress, (APC), here in Cross River State, know what they intend to achieve or would do in the circumstance. I say so as an Oracle.”

Lie has been said to be an open wound that only “truth” can cure permanently without much anxiety, haste, or apprehension. Most people hate its temporal trepidation as the aftermath resulting sometimes in consequences whose period of endurance may come sooner than expected, depending on how true is the truth.

But, by and large, that’s the only way out to be saved, if not by a man now, but by the Lord on a later day. Never be deterred to use it as a veil.

I live a happier life than a lot of people with lacerated consciences. Very few people have had the rare opportunity I have had in life to grow to any height materially even in politics but nature constraints me for a purpose. And I had refused to cut corners nor go out of nature’s encasements about me.

There is never a man who has given me assistance of whatever form, whoever that is, whom I have not initially assisted or shown enough intention in my disposition and willingness to bail them out of whatever woes they might be in with the capacity to complement their inadequacies, none.

People hardly have given me anything commensurate to what good I do to them. And I rarely go for assistance if and whenever I do, to those I may not be able to reciprocate their gestures whenever they may be in distress for help within my purview to render them assistance.

My name is Obi Offiong Ojage. Hardly have I seen or met with a dull “Obi”. One is making waves now in our country. So too with those with abbreviation: O. O. O. Leader Olumba Olumba Obu, of the brotherhood of the Cross and Star in Calabar, the Cross River State, readily comes to mind. The internet does not mutilate record fed in it. I speak as an Oracle.

It will take a long time for anybody, no matter how influential the person is or the conspiracy by evil-minded persons, to wish me away from the politics of my state of the cross river.

I will always remain actively relevant and unique in the role I often play, no matter who calls the shorts.

They may succeed to defeat me through conspiracy and evil gang-ups but they hardly can conquer the Lord’s power and grace I bring into the venture in the capacity I exert.

If they defeat me, they can’t defeat the Lord whose grace and power and the love I bring to the endeavours against which they’re bound to fail eventually. It’s on record.

We, as humans, often, are being shown the idea of what death looks like in what transpires while were are at sleep. Therefore, if I miss drawing from the experience now that I am at sleep literally, I may remain subsisting while my countrymen are reaping bountiful or be doomed forever with all the qualities and the Lord’s given endowments in me which I do give out free off charge to those who usually come to me feeble-minded in need of my help they later turn to pay me in a different coin and call me a bad man for the good things I do for friendship sake in the presence of the Lord who operates in the void as a Ghost and Holy, known as the Almighty, Allah, Jehovah or Krishna.

I wonder if those whom His Excellency, Mr. Donald Duke took from obscurity and brought to the political limelight and into spotlight do tell those around them how they became politicians; that they were helped by Duke.

Most people just sit in their homes, speculating about what’s going on at the fetus stage of a political struggle only for them to wake up and start lobbying those close to the person who has emerged victorious on how they can come up on stage to function as this or that position.

These hardly had comprehended what it was at the cosmogonic stage of the battle for the emergence of the candidate in question, theirs is to come in through the back door by acquaintances or those close to the candidate, who may have pleaded to assume positions where they now make the loudest noise ever.

Some in share arrogance attach titles to their names to reflect the relics of their past and what they’ve been; even while playing a role under someone they were supposed to show absolute humility.

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All Progressives Congress’s (APC) showmanship is displayed here. “What would we not see this time around in this God-given game of politicking”, it’s horrible in Cross River State.

It is only Donald Duke, Liyel Imoke, and those of us who were at the start of the political journey in the state that can tell the politics between South, Central, and the North when it comes to critical matters.

Each flaunts and believes that the atmosphere is Germaine and will produce accordingly permutations, but not when sentiments are brought into it to juxtaposed with the realities.

It is the Lord of host who gives power, even political power, less we Bragg. And it is only it in its majestic powers that know the end from the beginning.

We, as mere men can only do our best in a given situation. Biting the fingers from which we derived our initial strength to forge ahead just because we now can stand on our own, does not demonstrate wisdom. It only goes to show how naive we are towards the vagaries of nature’s maneuvering. It is not over, not until it is over and the deal is done.

We wrestle not with flesh and blood but with principalities, and powers exuding from rulers of the ethereal hierarchies through their human devils acting as agents here on earth, most of whom are in charge of various worldly institutions, adverse to light and against those of us who insist on identifying with illuminers.

Those who know me well enough will attest to the fact that all through my political adventures, I had always limited myself to the areas of my professional competence to enable me to function better and effectively.

All I do has been to sell myself well to the public, my candidate, whoever I may decide to support, and the programs of the party to which I belong.

I do so dexterously and I have been adjudged to be among the best in the country in that field by those who read my column on the various platforms where my stories are published.

I am a communicator both in speech and writing. That’s what I do better than grandstanding or engaging in gossip, backbiting, blackmail, or character assassination attempt to reap where I did not sow.

The other thing I do best is to discuss the deep things of the Lord, God Almighty who operate in the void as a Ghost and Holy, that delivered me from the hands of the devourers. All of that is in the public domain. Those on my Facebook and WhatsApp can testify to that.

I may not have been to the Nigerian Senator or attempted at becoming a Governor, but there is no government in this state since the days of Chief Brigadier U. J. Essuene as the civilian Governorship candidate of the Unity Party of Nigeria, (UPN) where I served (Small and tiny as I was then) as a personal assistant in my capacity as editor of the party’s Newspaper from the state, the “Champion Newspaper” own by Pa, Awolowo together with Tribune newspapers and Press in Malafelafia at Ibadan.

I wonder how the party would fare without giving proper attention to the issues before it, including those of us they’ve hurt severally at every stage, and think one can not do anything because they are in power today and have been allowed to take over the All progressives Congress, (APC) in the State without any resistance from old members, especially without doing something tangible to pacify Senator John Owan Eno, strategically positioned and fit, who is as at presents with a huge following to course upsets however one sees it, and to give full recognition and a place to function dignifying and conspicuously to chief Chris Agara both of who contested the primary elections, spent a huge amount of money, and lost to Prince Bassey Otu, and expect to do well at the central or from the Ejagham man’s vote wholesome, both at the Central, South of the State, and part of the Northern part of the State. It may turn out to be a herculean task.

I am fund of mentioning their Excellencies, Mr. Donald Duke and Senator Liyel Imoke, our past governors in my write-ups for obvious reasons clear to me, for whatever these two great Cross river men meant to you, we all should be thankful to them for enlarging the frontiers of Democratic experiments and experience here in our state of Cross River, to allow young men participate solely and wholly in the politics and political activities in their yards.

The current government which is outgoing merely came to build on that. His was done in an elaborate manner where he extended the idea of inclusion as it became more democratic and accessible to a lot more young men than anticipated.

I will not fail also to mention my fraternity with the first civilian Governor of the state during the Babangida Military/civilian Presidency, my very senior colleague in the pen profession, Chief Clement Devid Ebri who was fond of calling me “Small editor” then when I use to come to the premises of the chronicles newspapers where he worked as news editor from my base at Owerri where the New Revelation newspaper under my editorship was being printed by Statesman Printing Press own then by Imo State Government under late Governor Sam Mbakwe of ANPP.

Many people in the State today, may not know that His Excellency, Chief Clement Ebri was a prolific writer who maintained his column then in the Nigerian Chronicle Newspapers, Calabar, where he wrote weekly on Economic matters.

This was way back before Mr. Ray Ekpo, became Editor of the Nigerian Chronicle after both Late Etubom Bassey Ekpo Bassey and Chief Clement Ebri had left the place to their private concerns.

But these were those who bore the brushes from the old men in the inglorious past in our political journey who wanted their way or a pound of flesh, especially from Mr. Donald Duke who had to fight his way through the Central and Northern gang-up to discredit whatever he envisioned or did as an Efik man from the South.

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I doubt if those avatars have given up on their proclivities that usually come at the slightest instigation, I am still at the loss on that, phenomenally.

Then came Liyel Imoke, who tried to open the interior part of the state though constantly being distracted by his regular visits abroad, for medical treatments, he managed to put in his best as one who rewards loyalty, it was still not enough. A lot of people attributed many wrongs to his unimpressive decision-making and the choices of those he puts forwards to assume leadership statuses.

I saw and fraternized with them all closely and they all had great respect for me, no one can disrespect me now and I bother. I got it all.

These remain my friends. I may not have been visiting them wherever they are, but in my heart, they’re my friends, our heroes. And they know, comrade will always remain the same.

We are now trying to support the emergence of one, possibly to take over from the current governor, who has put in his best innovatively, only history would judge if he is right or wrong by the performances or accomplishments of those coming after him.

Not until then, let’s hold our peace and choose only the right persons beyond rhetoric and sentiments.

When we started the People’s Democratic Party in the state with His Excellency, Mr. Donald Duke, Liyel Imoke, Gershom Bassey, Apostle (Hon.) Essien Ekpenyong Ayi, Ambassador Obi Odu, chief Orock Duke, chief Ikobi, Ekpo Okon, late Chief B. E. Eden, Chris Agebe, chief Nyambi Akpet, and the rest, the person they wanted to handle the state publicity Secretary position in the State PDP, was me.

When they agreed on that, Donald sent Senator Gershom Bassey to my house then at No. 6, Punch Street, Calabar, to enquire if I will be willing to serve as the State Publicity Secretary of the PDP. But, I declined and demanded instead to be made the State Chairman, haven’t just left as State Chairman of the United Peoples Party, (UDP) owned by the late Dr. Umaru Dikko.

The position was then given to Ntufam Ekpo Okon. These are facts. Ntufam Ekpo and I have practiced as journalists and had also run for the National Assembly elections with him at Odukpani while I was an aspirant from Calabar Municipal, then it was the entire South and Municipality combined during SDP and NPN days.

These facts many people who are gurus today in politics of the state of Cross River are unaware of. Ntufam Ekpo Okon now wants to become a Senator.

And later in the PDP, way down during the first tenure of Mr. Donald Duke, to show you how important I have always been in the political equation when issues of importance slide in, Governor Duke, called me as his confidant and one with a good grasp then; of the, “Who Is Who” in Cross River politics, to go out there and bring those personalities I feel can join him to carry the state further ahead to bridge the gap between government and the people.

That, he was going to give appointment in his government to whoever I bring forth at whatever capacity other than the office of the commissioner since he has enough of that in place. And I took up the challenge with happiness.

People do not know that the State Ministry of information we have today has always been a department under the governor’s office.

It was created and made a full fledge ministry with the status of having a commission, by His Excellency Mr. Donald Duke, to have me head it as the first Commissioner of Information of Cross River State.

He called me and discussed that with me and I agreed. Then I was still a Director in the Board of Federal Radio Cooperation of Nigeria, (FRCN) Abuja.

But the secret leaked when he traveled for a short visit abroad. The department then was been headed by one Mr. Gab Unah as Special Assistant.

Nearly all those who were surreptitiously doing everything to succeed Donald Duke as Governor by force with their accomplices thought I was too powerful and close enough with the Governor to scuttle their nocturnal adventures, pressure, pressure, pressures, always pressure against one man, Obi Ojage.

However, the task of getting some of these persons to suit the description of the Governor, meant either that I had to go to their places of abode to bring them by hand to meet the Governor or I take His Excellency, the Governor Duke, to the person’s home which I did in few cases, to meet face to face with them accompanied by Donald Duke himself.

Most of the people are today either discouraging the current Governor from having anything to do with me as a citizen of the state or speaking against one like me, who is hard working and a faithful party man, I really don’t care.

We are small axes and remain unroughfulled but we do unimaginable with tress.

However, the numbers of those I took to the governor who got helped are numerous, some of whom are now dead. But one of great note is the present chairman of the All Progressives Congress reconciliation committee here in Cross River, who has refused to defend me against the series of conspiracies or talk to me of all that has been happening to me under the radar of his friend, Dr. Pius Tabi Tawo, who is a known friend to the current Governor, I suppose, just like I did to him during the administration of Duke, from where Governor Imoke later adopted him proper into the Peoples Democratic Party and even made him a member of the Presidential Campaign.

He is now in APC and crossed together with the Governor as an appointee of the current government, I suppose.

Both Mr. Duke and Liyel Imoke are still alive to attest to what I am saying this day as my testimony of what I suffered in the hands of those I help towards political recognizance for friendship’s sake, but who turns around to stab me? And, they say many un-complimenting things about me to make those in power they know, despise me for no just cause, through the lies told them about me by those who claim they know me.

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Tawo, as a friend, is equally quite an intelligent man both of whom attended Catholic Primary schools, St. Anthony primary school, and St. Joseph primary school at Mamfe town, in Manyu Division of West Cameroon, being the first border town between Nigeria and Cameroon.

He, and my most elder brother, late Jonah Ojage, attended St. Joseph’s primary school named, while I, and my immediate elder brother, Solomon Ojage, attended St. Anthony’s primary school, Mamfe town in Southern Cameroon.

From there, I proceeded for my secondary school in St. James college Ndop, St. Augustine college, and Longla high school for my Advance levels exams, all in Bamenda, Menzam Division of Southern Cameroon. Our both parents were friends and lived in Mamfe town as Boki men in Cameroon.

They were not from Mamfe. They both men were never from Mamfe Town in Cameron as Pius Tawo often said (I am saying this for the first time) in his blackmail where he calls me a Cameroonian, giving the impression that I am not a Nigerian.

My late father, Chief Micheal Ndep Ojage as I had said before in one of my writeups, was a retired Nigerian Police officer. While at Aro-line police barracks, here in Calabar, Cross River State. He sort and got married to my late mother, late Madam Ewan Edem Offiong Effiwwatt from Calabar, and retire in Akwa Ibom where I was born, at Ikot Ekpene.

It took me a lot of pressure from Governor Mr. Donald Duke to have him accept seeing Dr. Pius Tabi Tawo whom he said jilted them, himself, Liyel Imoke, and Geshiom Bassey when they went to solicit his help, as one of Cross River man who was doing well in business then in Abuja, to support their aspiration.

He lovingly refused and instead told them he was supporting Chief Kanu Agabi (SAN) for Governor, no one else. And they quietly left his house. That he doesn’t want him for any reason, that Liyel and Gershom wouldn’t ever hear that as well.

This, even so worrisome, was when the news broke from Pius’ end in Abuja, who was telling some friends that Duke is anxious to meet with him and those persons started calling Duke to find that out.

And they also called me not to allow Tawo to meet with the Governor, arguing that he does not help anybody. These were his close friends. I can call their names if pressed to do so.

But, I refused and pressed on with an importunate plea, of almost three weeks consecutively, trust me. The Governor Duke called me one day and said, Comrade, go and bring that “your Pius” and let him rest.

And, I called Pius who was in Abuja and he drove down the following day to Calabar straight to my house at No. 6, Punch Street, from where I took him, Tawo, by hand from my house, we drove in our separate cars first to Victor Ndom-Egba’s house that night, briefly; from where we drove further to meet with the Governor, Mr. Donald Duke, in a meeting, away from the Government House where we were supposed to meet the Governor who was having an urgent meeting with PDP stakeholders, including the then Minister of power, Liyel Imoke.

I had to interrupt where I pleaded with Donald on phone to kindly meet with us if he wouldn’t mind it since Pius Tawo was lamenting that the whole thing was looking like a setup to have him scandalized.

Governor Duke, for my sake, had to ask for a room to be arranged in Liyel Imoke’s house that night just to meet with the two of us. And in that meeting, Governor Duke told Dr. Pius Tawo that he has not seen a man like Comrade Obi Ojage, where he had to go all out to bring people to him as his friend, instead of staying to sort himself out.

After then, we talked and I help reconcile, and because of Donald’s acceptance to work with Tawo in PDP was where Liyel Imoke adopted him without any further queries.

Hon. Essien Ekpenyong Ayi is my witness because he came into the room from their meeting venue to greet us. Today, I am an enemy with an issue of blackmail and reticule to these men of today’s power.

I am pretty happy today that Chief Bobby Ekpenyong, who became Chairman of Calabar Municipality, eventually has come out to tell the world in a statement he made how I was instrumental in his being the Chairman of my Local Government. I am glad he did that.

The Good things one does do not vanish from the minds of their recipients as you the doer may think so, but it doesn’t.

To recall, when Bobby was disqualified as the Chairman of Calabar Municipality by a tribunal headed by my late uncle late Etubom Ededem Effiwatt, the present Honourable member representing Calabar South, Odukpani and Akpabio, Rt. (Hon.) Apostle Essien Ekpenyong Ayi, together with present State Secretary of All Progressives Congress, (APC), Barrister Bassey Mensah, came to meet me in the Hotel where I was lodging, at the G-guest House at Otupabasi, in Calabar then, to ask me to help them get their candidate, Bobby Ekpenyong reinstated and I did.

Not only through the petition I wrote, and gave radio interviews, but I also met with the securities and the authorities involved and got him reinstated at no cost.

That’s what I always do; whether the fellows paid me good or bad, that becomes my fate. The Lord is my reward.

My great audiences and ardent supporters all over the world and should not lose faith, but rather brace up as we pray for our country Nigeria to wear peace as an amour.

The evil people you see today shall be no more. Let us look ahead with great enthusiasm.

What will be certainly would, never mind, “man” is of no consequence. Believe in yourself and do right, don’t fight for the intangibles, they’re shrouded in mysteries, and only the Lord can unfold them with time. Stay still, don’t squirm, the Holy Spirit shall do the rest, be rest assured.

End Time Message!


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