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It’s Judgment Day as Court Deliver Verdict on Constitutional Change in Kenya

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Judgment is being awaited in Kenya as the Court of Appeal is billed to deliver its verdict today, Friday, on the controversial three-year quest of the Kenyan President to change the constitution.

The ruling, watchers say, could shake up the political landscape less than a year before elections.

Kenyan President, Uhuru Kenyatta, had argued that the initiative will help end repeated cycles of election violence in the East African country.

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The proposed reforms came about following a reconciliation between Kenyatta and his erstwhile opponent Raila Odinga and a famous handshake between the two men after post-election fighting in 2017 left dozens of people dead.

Kenyatta had blamed the prevailing winner-takes-all electoral system in the country for polls unrest, proposing the “Building Bridges Initiative (BBI)”.

The initiative therefore seeks particularly to dilute the current winner-take-all electoral system by expanding the executive and parliament.

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Election campaigns in Kenya are often fought between ethnically-based alliances and communal violence can flare, notably in 2007-8 when more than 1,100 people died.

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