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Nigeria Innovation Summit
Upcoming Event

7th Edition of Nigeria Innovation Summit Holds October

The Nigeria Innovation Summit (NIS) is set to hold its annual event, from Tuesday October 4 through Saturday October 8, 2022. In its 7th year, NIS theme for this year is “Re-imagining Innovation”, and will stretch through a week and tagged as the Nigeria Innovation Week (NIW).

The event brings together stakeholders from different sectors of the economy to discuss ground-breaking ideas, trends, opportunities and numerous verticals to accelerate innovation, attain globally competitiveness and explore present innovative approaches to fixing existing problems, redundant economic playbooks, systems and structures.

Since inception, NIS has recorded thousands of participants, cutting across governments, industry leaders, founders, lawmakers, policymakers, C-Suites, foreign diplomats and key stakeholders, who grace the highly remarkable event annually, to steer pertinent conversations around innovation, research and development, emerging technologies, frontier markets and industrial disruptions occurring in Nigeria and other African countries.

Commenting on this edition, Programme Director at NIS, Tony Ajah, said, “For the very first time, we’re extending the Summit across a week because we believe the usual two-day event may not thoroughly reflect how innovation and digital technology are causing rapid acceleration across different sectors of the economy.

“It’s indicative that Nigeria and other emerging nations have recognised digital transformation, emerging technologies, research and development, commercialization, entrepreneurship and investments, as the key value drivers of an innovative ecosystem.

“It’s now time to embrace these value drivers and NIS will create the much-needed momentum to explore open innovation in Africa”, Tony Ajah stated.

While a Partner at NIS, Grace Akinosun, said that innovation remains a non-exhaustive topic globally.

“In today’s world, it has become a necessity rather than an option, for corporations, governments and emerging businesses to thrive and keep up with changing functional dynamics.

“Yet innovation itself may be more complex than given credit for. That’s why it’s important to keep igniting conversations to demystify important frameworks that have proven to work in environments similar to ours.

“The NIS is designed to be the springboard of such insights and challenge the minds of stakeholders to begin leveraging innovation for more global competitiveness and digital acceleration.

“It’s high time Africa took its place as a leading continent on the global innovation index”, Grace Akinosun added.

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