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International Students’ Day: Torch Bearer Club Celebrates OAU Students, Advocates For Good Education
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International Students’ Day: Torch Bearer Club Celebrates OAU Students, Advocates For Good Education

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As students in Nigeria join their counterparts across the world to mark International Students’ Day, Torch Bearer Club, Obafemi Awolowo University, OAU, Chapter has advocated for good education.

In a statement on Friday by the Public Relations Officer of the Club, Maryam Ogundari, they celebrated OAU students on the occasion of International Students’ Day.

According to the statement, “Torch Bearer Club, Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU) Chapter joins the global celebration of International Students Day, extending heartfelt wishes to the vibrant students of OAU.

“This day, observed annually on November 17th, serves as a beacon for fostering unity, understanding, and progress among students worldwide.

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“As a club on OAU campus, we recognize the significance of international students in shaping the cultural tapestry of our beloved university. This celebration emphasizes the values of camaraderie, shared learning, and collaboration that transcend borders, echoing the principles we hold dear.

“On the celebration of this day, we advice students to ignite their potential as students are torchbearer of knowledge and change. We implore you to embrace your unique abilities and contribute positively to the OAU community and beyond.

“Also in unity, there is strength. Collaborate with your fellow students, share ideas, and work together to illuminate the path towards academic and personal success. You all should also embrace the diverse cultures within OAU. Learn from one another, appreciating the richness that different backgrounds bring to our academic and social spaces.

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“To the advice for the University Management and Student Union Leaders, we encourage you to continue to empower students with the tools and resources needed for academic and personal growth. A well-equipped student body is a powerful force for positive change.

“You should also see to the creation of opportunities for students to shine. Support initiatives that foster creativity, innovation, and community engagement, allowing the OAU torchbearers to illuminate the path to a brighter future.

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“Lastly, lead with a vision that inspires and guides. The University management and student union leaders play a crucial role in steering OAU toward excellence and inclusivity. Let your leadership be a guiding light for all.

“As we celebrate International Students Day, Torch Bearer Club, OAU Chapter, urges all students, university management, and student union leaders to carry the torch of knowledge, unity, and progress. Together, let us light up the path towards a future where education transcends boundaries and where the flame of understanding burns brightly.”

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