Nigeria, Buhari and Anti-Corruption By Hon Adekunle Alli

Buhari is an exceptional public servant.
But there are others in this country with similar aversion for corrupt disposition , who have no opportunity to come to the fore of public service, but remain content with their station in life.

Corruption, corrupt lifestyle and ostentatious living, became more noticeable in Nigerian public life after the end of the 2nd World War, and the first introduction of constitutional changes in the political administration of Nigeria, by Sir Arthur Richards, later known as Lord Milverton.

Under pressure for further reforms by nationalist political elements in the country, additional political and administrative changes follow, brought into existence by Sir John MacPherson, successor to Lord Milverton as British Governor of Nigeria.

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These changes which gave Nigerians opportunity to serve in higher political and administrative levels of government, steadily usher in corruption into the public and private life of the country, with increasing crescendo, as public life is open to many, thereby lowering the moral fibre of the emerging nation.

Fifty five years after becoming politically Independent nation, corruption had become a cancer in the body politic of the nation, affecting all classes of the society, young and old, men and women, and virtually all economic and social relations.

The country drifts without direction, compounding the problem of corruption.

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The nation’s security forces whose leadership believed they can save the situation, merely worsen it, as the cancer of corruption had spread to that institution, with a permanent threat of political instability!

The increasing wealth of the nation became the victim of rapacious and corrupt leadership, who plundered it without mercy, impoverishing the masses, bringing the nation to the precipice of disintegration. A saviour now arrives on the horizon, who proclaims a mission to rescue the situation from further worsening.

That saviour is Mohammadu Buhari, a retired soldier with ascetic disposition.

Let us hope and pray that he is not a pseudo-saviour.

Only time can tell.

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