Poverty and Power in Perspective (1)

By Rohit Singh, India

Although this issue remains in the level of research statement only, unless we really understand the definition of who the poor is in 2020, people who are underpowered, who are unable to participate in making decisions, who are deprived of basic education, lack healthcare and nutrition, water and sanitation, employment and living wages, and, most importantly, lack opportunity to development are regarded as the “poor”.

It’s a proper saying that one might be poor, it might be his shoes are older, but it’s definitely true that his mind is a bungalow.

But is there still a poor servant in this bungalow?

Just because most of the people in this world are found fighting for higher power and positions, which aims at getting the “bosses chair.”

In this journey of “bosses chair”, some people often forget that the chair for which they are fighting is made up of wood and steel and sold in each and every market of this world,

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But the sufferer of these ill practice, the poor incapable man, is made up of Bones and muscles, which are neither manufactured, nor sold in any part of this world.

Poverty and Power in Perspective

This above picture represents the truth that there are some people so hungry in this world, that Fortune cannot appear to them except in the form of bread.

Poverty is one of the important driving force of inequality in the world. But between 1990 and 2015, much progress was made.

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The account of people living on less than $1.90, went down from 36% to 10%.

However, according to recent reports of World Bank, the COVID-19 pandemic represents a serious problem that disproportionately impacts the poor.

Also, the research released in February 2020 shows that by 2030, upto 2/3rd of the global “extreme poor” will be living in conflict affected and fragile economy.

Therefore, poverty will remain a major concerned for decades to come.

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Poverty is an age-long observable fact suffered by countries at global scale.

It is very indistinct concept with varied implications and facades.

Traditionally, poverty is defined in terms of one dimensional approach of income and food intake.

…To be continued


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