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Dr. Timothy Oladele Gold

The Hypothetical United States of Africa

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By Dr Timothy Oladele Gold

Marcus Garvey in 1924 enthusiastically, in his poem titled, “Hail, United States of Africa” sued for peace and unification of the continent of 54 sovereign States. His monumental artistic muse coupled with a touch of futurism characterize the fantastic master piece.

A Jamaican political activist, Marcus Garvey creditably had a penchant for oneness of the continent of Africa that has been already been balkanized and fragmented,….the vestige of colonial invasions of different races, creeds and languages which has given birth to disparity, among the member states, and unfortunately, became the order of the day across manumitted colonies.

Federation of African states apparently sounds utopian and a sheer daydream to an ordinary African man, whom by reason of nationality prefers the respective demonym to any eventual exotic supra national identity.

Apathy, not withstanding, the role of former Libya’s President, late Maummar Gaddafi can not be overlooked.

A statement and assertion of note was made upon. his election as Chairman, African Union in 2009, making plea for the oneness of African continent and states thus “I shall continue to insist that our sovereign countries work to achieve the United States of Africa ‘….

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Historically, President Gaddafi had earlier spearheaded the formation of African Union (AU) in 9 July, 2002 with the view to fostering harmony and integration among the member states.

Coming in terms with the reality of Africa fusion in the face of diffidence ,diverse national ethos and socioeconomic policies across the continent requires a great deal of Social Contract and Pan-Africanist compromise which will in turn result in grasping of the Cinderella : modus operandi and modus vivendi for the actualization of the great dream.


The positive culmination of mega project: The United States of Africa lies in the power of RESOLUTION and CONSTITUTION to be engineered by SOVEREIGN AFRICAN PARLIAMENT in collaboration with other Pan-African and international institutions.

As a matter of fact, there will be no fusion theory in this regard without SOCIAL CONTRACT THEORY and SOCIAL COMPROMISE THEORY which necessitate and facilitate both federation and harmonization of the following: Military, Immigration (international passports) and Economy( currency).

This development is fundamental in the project. However, the pact that is capable of consolidating Africa in having common front in military and economy is capable of seamlessly amalgamating the nations and regions without palpable friction.

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Absolutely, the nitty gritty of social fusion theory entails the deregionalization of the continent in principle. This will promote the macro state and its identity across the expanse …the exigencies in creating sense of belonging to one family which is of the utmost essence.

The emergence of true and determinate African ethos and culture could only be a thing of reality through fusion of ideas and thoughts. This is never capable of alienating people of diverse cultural background and diverse tongues.

Language undoubtedly, is a vital tool in socialising, and to the apathetic Africans who do not buy the idea of one African state ,this poses to be a threat and a negative factor as far as the hypothetical mega country is concerned.

Meanwhile, It has been recognized that the major polarization in the continent is principally lingual which may not in any sense thwart the project with good proviso predicated on social compromise.

Africa ,which is noted for being multilingual, by embracing, Arabic, French and English as basic languages with varying degree of popularity can not be disadvantaged in a continent nation status. It is ,notable that a county such as Canada, embraces French and English as official languages. This is precedented and path found.

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Moreover, in a multilingual nation whereby more than umpteenth number of local dialects struggle for prominence, there is definitely bound to be a social communication challenges….every language virtually becomes a lingo to non speakers in this wise. Fortunately, the world economy has never been determined nor undermined by language till date.

Crossing the hurdles of language barrier may remain a constant exercise, like a mere athletic.

It is Incumbent to make a delving into the details of the theories afore mentioned which is germane as far as the treatise is concerned. This will utterly demystify and disabuse minds.

To be continued…..

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