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TB Joshua: A Resting Saint Or A Sinner Awaiting Judgment Day?

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The Judgement seat is a difficult place for any mortal to assume over another. But the command to judge prophets and prophecy is expected of every New Testament believer. “Let the prophet speak”. Clearly, we are not in any position to stop the prophet from speaking.

But then we are charged to be responsible to judge the words of the prophet. How?

According to the standard set forth in the Old Testament, if his words comes to pass, he is a true prophet.

Consequently, God does not expect an Old Testament prophet to tell you of things known but of the unknown. Not your house address, phone or account number but of things and events in your future.

The judgement of prophetic calling is therefore a process of time. Time has revealed one Emmanuel Odumosu who like the second Emmanuel premised his gospel on good works. Time will tell on this one too.

“The judge not so that you will not be judged” principle is an escape theory of souls laden with sins but want to be related with, as being righteous.

If Christ is our righteousness then we care less about what people will dig up about our past or present. Judgement therefore is not how we stand in the views of many, but in the light of Christ and His word.

God alone is the righteous judge and my intention for this piece is not to take His place, but to execute His mandate. “For he that is spiritual, judge all things, yet himself is judged of no one”.

In an encounter that mortals can bear me witness, God commanded a change of order in His church and our nation Nigeria, which can only find fulfilment if and when we are ready to stand under the illumination of God’s word, comparing spiritual things with the spiritual.

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This is not a convenient burden to bear. I have been called upon by friends in ministry and fathers in the Lord on the need to let things lie.

I was practically advised against this venture by a dear friend who is concerned about the effects this may have on my social acceptability. But this is done in fear to God and reverence to His hands upon my life and the need to place a choice before my generation.

That like the Old Joshua reminded us there is a god at the other side of the river to which most hearts in Israel were inclined while still basking in the promises of God in the Promised Land.

Temitope Balogun Joshua is no doubt a great man in all ramifications of human estate. A man of limited education who became to the world a faculty of knowledge.

Joshua may not be “my” New Testament portrait of ministry, but I cannot deny his place of honour in the memories of men. Not even Jesus was this glorious in death! But then, Christ’s resurrection separated Him from all men, as the promised EMMANUEL beyond the walls of the Jewish Synagogue.

The legacy TB Joshua left behind can never be a threat to the finished work of Christ. It must therefore be received in the true light of what it now constitutes: a lesson to those of us still alive.

He has become to us a subject of research studies in what ministry is or is not, till Christ, we see in glory.

Years back, Chris Okotie was the one who first called global attention to TB Joshua, though the man in the synagogue has had some controversies around him before the wilderness cry of Okotie.

My respect for Okotie notwithstanding, I consider all he said in the light of God’s word. At the center of Okotie’s cry against TB Joshua was another Preacher, Pastor Chris Oyakilome.

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The truth, the Bible says, must be spoken in love. But how much of love garnished Okotie’s truth? I was in doubt, because I was not ignorant of the competition that Okotie had allowed Oyakilome to become to his ministry at their Oregun locations.

So I was careful to face the issues raised and not the personalities to which fingers were pointed. We are here to align with God and His word and not Okotie’s or other persons who have spoken or are speaking on this departed Prophet.

None of the ministry gift was operational in the Old Testament, except the prophetic gift which date back to Abraham, the first person to be denoted a prophet by Yahweh Himself.

But in the New Testament we are told Jesus led captivity captive and gave gifts unto men, of such offices are Prophets, Apostles, Pastors, Evangelists and Teachers. Was it the Prophetic grace that has existed since the day of Abraham till John the Baptist that Christ gave again or a new prophetic package?

It is in this learning attitude of a research student not knowing what the outcome of this will be, that I want us to approach this piece.

I will therefore outline critical areas of our studies of this departed enigma whose achievements cannot be diminished by me or any other. But we are sure to be better men and women of understanding and cautious heavens pilgrims in our earthly sojourn.

Please, study his life and ministry under the following topics before Part Two is published which shall be the focus of our study:

  1. His birth as Temitope Balogun.
  2. His claim to faith and the beginning of his ministry.
  3. Early controversies in his ministry:
    a. Stinct with the Celestial Church of Christ;
    b. The unification of religious experiment;
    c. Life behind the synagogue curtains;
    d. Trip to India;
    e. Days of waiting at the beach, and what followed.
  4. Branding of self and rebranding of ministry.
  5. The Synagogue/Church Concept.
  6. “Emmanuel” in a Synagogue?
  7. Tenets of faith and articles of belief of SCOAN.
  8. A good man vs the God man.
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We are bound to help ourselves, the wife, the children and the church he left behind if the truth we seek is found and accurately presented.


Click Here to Continue Reading Part Two

Dr Bolaji O. Akinyemi is the convener Apostolic Round Table.
Facebook: Bolaji O. Akinyemi.

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Dr Bolaji O. Akinyemi, an Apostle, with focus on revival and revolution, the BID as he is fondly called is also a strategic communicator and on Facebook as: Bolaji Akinyemi. Email: bolajiakinyemi66@gmail.com

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