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What You May Not Know About Hyper-talented Young Entrepreneur Abinoro Akporode Collins

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The hyper-talented young entrepreneur Abinoro Akporode Collins is a very innovative and adventurous multi-media artist who explores a variety of materials in his creative process.

Collins who uses cutleries to create amazing artworks is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Art by Collins.

His works include humanoid figures, statuesque arts made of cutleries and other masterpieces that have been exhibited in the US and London.

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In 2013, he was the finalist for the ‘Life in My City’ competition in Enugu.

Abinoro Akporode Collins was part of the artists that were invited to the International Arts Residency and Arts Exhibition in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in 2014.

As a Pan African Icon, one of his goals is to bring Nigerian arts into the right global space and the creation of a mentorship facility – a residency spot for young artists who will be groomed into their artistic potential.

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More of his art works will be creatively displayed at the Photography, Art and Design Exhibition (PADE) hosted by Ecobank from 19th – 21st of August, 2022.

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