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Queen Elizabeth II: a Guilty Ghost or Dead Saint?

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By Shiloh O. Akinyemi

In April, I wrote an article which my friends described as me dragging Nigerian blogging journalist Kemi Olunloyo by her wig.

On the 16th of May, about a month after, Kemi Olunloyo decided to react to that article. I decided to let her have her moment before responding, but by the time I was ready to respond, she had deleted her tweet, for reasons best known to her.

It’s been months after, and I can’t help but wonder why many Nigerians, like their bloggers, are cut from the same cloth of cowardice.
My issue with Kemi Olunloyo was about her always having an opinion about the dead, and many Nigerians are, sadly, on this table.

The news sort of broke out at an Owambe party in London of the death of Queen Elizabeth II on Thursday, September 8 2022 where the attention of the musician on the band stand shifted from the dancing living to the departed Queen whose praises the Yoruba musician sang in far away Queensland for his people to giggle to.

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Then goes the fall out from the jab by Uju at the late Queen. That London party and the jab from professor Uju represents a perspective of the tribes of both the musician and the professor to their Oppressors. One is accommodating of oppressors the other is rebellious of it. Tribes and their attitude is not the focus for today.

Following Uju Anya, I am in awe of all the “evil” the world says the Queen accomplished.
How come someone with so much “evil” didn’t have the world talk about it while she was alive?
Why wait till she was dead and couldn’t respond to your allegations?

A friend of mine constantly asks me if I live under a rock, because most times, I am unaware of what goes on in the world around me, but I must say this recent turn of events found its way under my rock of dwelling, and I can’t help but wonder why it took this long.

Pre-1993, global attention was on MKO Abiola more for his position on reparations than his politics. He died or was killed, whichever and that was why America was on Nigerian soil officially.

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Nigeria and Nigerians are lost to the legacy of reparations as proposed by Abiola, but United Arab Emirates picked our discarded 1963 to turn their nation to the wonder they are today. India has picked on the reparations ideology and have quantified the effect of the British conquest against them, and here I am, waiting for Nigerians to come out and say this is exactly what she took from us, but as usual, they are so busy being emotional to remember that their leaders can’t even differenciate between what was stolen by the British and what was stolen by them.
Nigerian Uju made a tweet, which Jeff Bezos reacted to, and that caused quite a stir online.

I would have loved to quote Uju’s tweet, but Twitter took it down already, so paraphrasing, she said something about wishing the Queen an excruciating death.
Nigerians reacted wildly, coming to support Uju Anya against the comments of the Whites.

Need I remind you that this Queen, Evil as you have termed her, used her evil to develop the United Kingdom so much, that you all are constantly on the move, migrating to the UK like there’s no tomorrow.
Who exactly is the hypocrite now?

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Have you had a conversation with an average Nigerian Swindler? The ones we refer to as”Yahoo boys”? Their reason for stealing from the White is because the White stole from their forefathers, and now it is pay back time. I hope they remember that this means their wealth can’t be sustained by their children, because it would eventually be stolen. Nice cycle.

Yet, they live in a country rotten with corruption and unwise leaders who after embezzling so much, can release a press statement of animals making away with huge amounts of money.

May be the Queen was our problem before independence, but she stopped being our problem in 1960.
It’s about time we set our house in other.
What exactly did she take from Nigeria? Whatever she took is nothing compared to what the Nigerian Governments have taken from us.
The real thieves of Nigeria live amongst us, know this and know peace.

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