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Prince Bawa K. Amos' Zuru People Of Northwest Nigeria Selling On Amazon

Prince Bawa K. Amos’ Zuru People Of Northwest Nigeria Selling On Amazon

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A research on the culture of the Zuru people, known by the indigenous population as Lelna, written by Prince Bawa K. Amos since it’s unveiling sells on Amazon.

The Nigerian author presented in the a collection of the socio-cultural practices of the indigenous people of Zuru land in Kebbi State, North West of Nigeria.

Prince Bawa K. Amos' Zuru People Of Northwest Nigeria Selling On Amazon
Prince Bawa K. Amos

Rev. Professor Samuel Peni Angola described the book titled “Zuru People of Northwest Nigeria: An Aspect of Lelna Cultural Heritage” as “quite extensive and comprehensive, covering aspects of the people’s life from birth to death and activities in between.”

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Indeed, the book is a harvest of information about the rich culture of an ethnic nationality whose traditional values, like those of many other ancient societies, are gradually going extinct.Zuru People Of Northwest Nigeria

Published in 2019 by Wadmaryamu Services Enterprises, the book contains 344 pages of lucid prose, divided into18 chapters and subsumed in five broad parts, revolving around the socio-cultural milieus of Lelna. The story, presented in the first-person point of view, typical of autobiographies, focuses on group identity.

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