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Investigative Journalist David Hundeyin
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Journalist David Hundeyin Freed After Harare Airport Detention

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Investigative Journalist, David Hundeyin has been released from a Harare Airport cell in Zimbabwe where he was held for several hours.

The journalist is known for exposing President Bola Tinubu’s alleged heroin trafficking crime in Chicago, United States in the 1990s, leading to the alleged forfeiture $460,000 and the President’s alleged possession of Guinean passport as a dual citizen.

In a tweet, he confirmed that he has been freed and have already returned to his base safe and sound.

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Hundeyin Detained Alongside a Lady
David Hundeyin in the Harare Airport cell alongside a Ugandan lady yesterday.

“Landed. Safe and well. I was untouched and unharmed. Battery is nearly dead. Will update when I reach my secondary destination.

“Thanks for the immense pressure and support”, Hundeyin tweeted.

The journalist who did not disclose his current location was detained alongside a lady from Uganda, also a visa-free country. David Hundeyin and the Ugandan lady were locked up in a small “room with no windows or toilet, plus a bottle of pee on the floor” at the Harare Airport cell.

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Comrade James Ezema is a veteran journalist and media consultant. He is a political strategist. He can be reached on +2348035823617 via call or WhatsApp.

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