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Chike’s Detention: Police Gives Update, Hints On Offence

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The Nigeria Police Force has given update on the arrest and detention of a member of the Obidient Movement and an #AllEyesOnTheJudiciary protester, Mr. Chike Ibezim.

Addressing recent concerns and what it described as “malicious reports” surrounding the detention of Mr. Chike Ibezim, the Nigeria Police Force has shocked the Obidients by insisting that he has a case to answer, citing cyberbullying as possible reason for his arrest.

According to a statement signed by the Force spokesperson, ACP Olumuyiwa Adejobi, Mr. Chike is not under illegal detention.

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“Contrary to speculations, we affirm that Mr. Chike is in lawful custody based on a court order, and his detention is in connection with a prima facie case of malicious publication, cyberbullying, and other related offences that are still under investigation by the Police.

“The arrest and detention of individuals are carried out in strict adherence to legal procedures and respect for individual rights.

“In this case, a court order was obtained following a thorough investigation, which established an indictment on Mr Chike, who has given useful information and is assisting the Police in the course of their investigation”, the police said.

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The statement noted that the Nigeria Police Force “takes allegations of malicious publication and cyberbullying seriously due to their potential to cause harm, distress, and damage to the reputation of individuals, institutions, as well as posing great threats to national security and stability of our dear country.

“These actions can also have significant legal implications. It is the duty of the Nigeria Police Force to investigate such matters thoroughly and ensure that the rule of law is upheld.

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“The Police would like to emphasize that our actions are driven by a commitment to upholding the law and protecting the rights and well-being of all citizens.

“We encourage responsible and lawful behaviour in all forms of communication, including online interactions, to maintain a harmonious and safe society”, the Force Public Relations Officer stated.


  1. It would have been acceptable, just and fair if the same police, now arresting opposition elements calling for the judiciary to overturn Tinubu’s illegal victory, had taken in the likes of Bayo Onanuga, MC Oluomo and Femi Fani-Kayode for questioning and prosecution for similar offence. This is official double standard which shows clearly how partisan and compromised our key law enforcement agencies have become. Yet, they want Nigerians to buy the deceptive slogan being bandied about that “police is your friend”. They are public enemies No 1.

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