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Parliament of Uganda in Session
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Ugandan Parliament Passes Vital Motion to Improve Capacity of Teachers

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In a move that will provide niche-based pre-service and in-service teacher education programmes for all levels of education in Uganda, the Uganda Parliament has approved a motion to establish the National Institute for Teacher Education.

The approval has marked a crucial step towards enhancing teacher training programmes in the country.

The Minister of State for Sports, Hon. Peter Ogwang, presented the motion during the plenary sitting presided over by Speaker Anita Among on Friday, 3 May 2024.

Hon. Ogwang highlighted the institute’s vital role in providing specialised education training programmes for career teachers. 

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“The move will provide niche-based pre-service and in-service teacher education programmes for all levels of education,” he said.

He emphasised the importance of collaboration with the regulator responsible for teacher education training development.

A section of legislators had however argued that the motion be referred to the Committee on Education and Sports for scrutiny.

“This is a serious matter which should be laid and referred to the Committee on Education for scrutiny,” said Hon. Ibrahim Ssemujju (FDC, Kira Municipality). 

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Hon. Okin Ojara (FDC, Chua West County) echoed this sentiment, calling for the matter to be forwarded to the committee for serious examination. 

Furthermore, Hon. Nandala Mafabi (FDC, Budadiri County West) and Hon. Xavier Kyooma (NRM, Ibanda County North) echoed calls for the motion to be referred to the committee before extensive debate, emphasising the importance of procedural diligence in shaping the institution’s framework.

However, Hon. Patrick Oshabe (NUP, Kassanda County North) highlighted the need to address challenges in teacher education institutions. 

“We are living in a situation where National Teachers’ Colleges (NTCs) are weakened, yet those would have been better training institutions because they are regionally based,” Hon. Oshabe said.

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In response to these concerns, Deputy Attorney General, Hon. Jackson Kafuuzi, provided legal reassurance, affirming that the Minister had the necessary powers to proceed with the motion without committee referral. 

“It does no harm for this House to consider the motion as presented by Hon. Peter Ogwang,” Hon. Kafuuzi said.

Subsequently, the motion to establish the National Institute for Teacher Education was approved.

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