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. Dr. Jonah Johnsonapla, the National Coordinator of Greater Virtue for Traffic Watch & Development Initiative
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New Era for Road Safety As Traffic Warden Service (TWS) Returns to Nigeria

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In a significant development for road safety and traffic management, the Traffic Warden Service (TWS) is making a comeback in Nigeria. Dr. Jonah Johnsonapla, the National Coordinator of Greater Virtue for Traffic Watch & Development Initiative, emphasized the importance of collective collaboration across various sub-sectors to strengthen Nigeria’s socio-economy.

Dr. Johnsonapla urged the 10th National Assembly (NASS) to swiftly pass the Traffic Warden Service (TWS) Nigeria Bill. This bill, previously approved by the 8th NASS, aims to reestablish the TWS as an independent agency responsible for intra-city road traffic control and revenue generation.

The TWS, once demerged from the Nigeria Police, now stands ready to fulfill its statutory function. As an autonomous agency, it will take charge of inter-city road traffic management, ensuring smoother flow and safer roads. Dr. Johnsonapla highlighted the urgency of this transition, especially given the worrisome traffic situation in cities like Lagos, Rivers, Kano, Oyo, and the Federal Capital Territory (FCT).

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Recruitment and Mass Employment

To bolster its ranks, the TWS plans nationwide recruitment for eligible individuals into the Traffic Control Support Corp. These recruits will provide essential support to the Traffic Warden Service, contributing to effective road management. Additionally, this move aligns with the Federal Government’s efforts to create much-needed employment opportunities.

While the TWS awaits assured Presidential assent, it is not standing still. The agency is actively recruiting personnel and preparing for its critical role in road safety. The 8th Assembly-passed bill will soon be revisited by the current 10th NASS, ensuring a seamless transition.

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Respecting Boundaries

Dr. Johnsonapla emphasized that the TWS’s mandate is distinct from that of the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC). While the FRSC focuses on highway safety, the TWS will handle intra-city road traffic control. Other paramilitary organizations are urged to respect these boundaries and allow the TWS to carry out its primary functions effectively.

In conclusion, the return of the Traffic Warden Service marks a positive step toward safer roads and efficient traffic management. As Nigeria looks ahead, the TWS stands ready to take its place in service of the nation.

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The TWS, Nigeria was established by the repealed Decree 21 of 1975, re-enacted as TWS Act 2019 and declared autonomous by the Court of Appeal Kaduna with core functions of direct/control intra-city road traffic; discourage wrong parking on intra-city road corridors, handle traffic management and administration, to generate revenue from the road traffic activities and create employment for youths.

The TWS, Nigeria would create employment for over one million five hundred eligible youths from all over Nigeria who would be trained as members of “Traffic Control Support Corps (to be converted to TWS) for various officer cadres as; Officers, Supervisors and juniors given qualifications for the positions.”

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