Queen AG Williams Takes Her Passion for Peace Building To New Heights | The Street Reporters Newspaper Queen AG Williams Takes Her Passion for Peace Building To New Heights | The Street Reporters Newspaper
Queen AG Williams Takes Her Passion for Peace Building To New Heights

Queen AG Williams Takes Her Passion for Peace Building To New Heights

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By Maryam Aminu

As political campaigns intensify and enter a crucial stage ahead of the 2023 general election in Nigeria, widespread insecurity as well as economic and environmental challenges, a young Nigeria Advocate of the Sustainable Development Goals, that is committed to the prevention of violent conflicts in Nigeria, launched the premier/Documentary film project titled: Profiles in Service on Peace Building in Nigeria on Saturday 18th February, 2023 in Abuja

Reacting to the reason for the film show, the Convener of the film project, Queen AG. Angel Williams said successful peace building activities like the documentary “create an environment supportive of self-sustaining, durable peace, reconcile opponents, prevent conflict from restarting, integrate civil society, create rule of law mechanisms and address underlying structural and societal issues.

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“The spate of violence and hooliganism has undermined the credibility of elections in Nigeria and also frustrated efforts to better the future of the youth”.

She therefore called on the youth not to allow themselves to be used as agent of destruction during the general election

Angel Williams added that most of the elites are at peace with each other while the poor masses keep hating one another.

Speaking to newsmen, the President of the Nigeria Female Youth Organization, Princess Mimi Peter noted that building a viable and just peace, as well as creating and operating programs that sustain it, is a complex process that requires significant expertise.

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This movie show will help equip the citizens, especially the youth, with the ability to build and utilize a more comprehensive and strategic approach to constructing a just peace.” She added.

“I was compelled by Queen’s passion to see her country unite,” said Princess Mimi, “I’m grateful that I was able to attend and capture the beginning stages of his efforts to bring about reconciliation.”

The few minutes documentary focuses on Queen Williams’ passion for peace building bringing in senior citizens and young people from every ethnicity, language and religion with nothing in common but the commitment to reconciliation and make Nigeria a peaceful country.

Princess Mimi described females as advocates of peace, as peacekeepers, relief workers and mediators as such regard them as key to achieving sustainable peace and development solutions.

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The personality interviewed in the documentary is Prof. Hillary Inyang-Distinguished Professor of Environmental Science and Engineering.

Doct. Sulaiman Adejoh-President of Messengers of Peace Foundation
Amb Steve Midala-Sheriff-Global Chairman UN Rescue Mission
Hon. Yusuf Sheriff Banki-National Secretary All Progressives Congress (APC) Aspirants Forum, (APCAF), all saw the need to come together as one people and walk towards peace building, peace keeping and reconciliation to achieve a sustainable peaceful Nigeria.


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