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Lawal Sani Ningi
2023 News Politics

Bauchi Youths Carpet Yuguda Over 18 Doctors in Bauchi Hospitals Comment

The Bauchi Consolidated Youth Association has come down hard on ex-governor Isa yuguda’s recent comments that there are only eighteen doctors in all the hospitals in Bauchi state, saying he is a desperate frustrated inconsequential former leader out for mischief.

In a statement signed by the Association’s Chairman, Lawal Sani Ningi while describing Yuguda’s remark as a mere ranting of an ant, also said the ex-governor not competent to comment on issues given his dismal performance in the eight years he wasted as governor of the state.

Saying Yuguda should rather hide his face in shame when issues of development of the state are discussed, the youths warned that no one after leaving the state and relocating to Abuja to spend public funds he allegedly looted “should interfere again in ongoing efforts to turn the fortunes of the state around.

“Afterall Isa Yuguda and his collaborators while in government were solely responsible for the serial abuses the state is having to pay for now.

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“It is ridiculous for Isa Yuguda and his ilk to think they hide in their comfort zones and undermine the current administration’s effort security, economy, infrastructure, health and education including efforts to protect our weak and vulnerable,” Ningi said in the statement.

He described as Isa Yuguda, a professed certified economist would have pursued such damaging economic policies that saw the state running more on recurrent expenditure at the expense of capital development.

While calling on youth in the state to resist misinformation campaigns by frustrated past leaders, Ningi urged them to be less amenable to discredited sources of information and instead, prepare to assume the responsibilities for change the political culture from one that serves the leader, to one which creates leaders like Bala Mohammed that serve the people.

Bauchi earn youth must learn from the mistakes and deliberate miscalculations of past leaders like Yuguda by avoiding their costly adventures that created economic backwardness, disunity and disharmony among the communities of the state.

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“We should instead support our current progressive administration to work to build an environment where Bauchi people will be safe and secure in Bauchi and wherever they choose to live and work in Nigeria, without discrimination or molestation.

“We should support our present governor’s efforts to stop millions of our children living wretched lives in the search for education, and wasting the greatest asset of Bauchi State which is its human capital.

“Only the people can solve the problems of Bauchi, but as should be obvious by now, not all those seeking to lead the state are committed enough to work to solve our basic socio-cultural problems, our regressing economy or address our precarious future.

“Many of seeking to replace Bala Mohammed today will prefer to leave the bulk of Bauchi State in poverty, fighting each other, so that they can continue to manipulate us during elections with none of them so far showing real commitment to reducing youth unemployment, insecurity and poverty.

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“Bala as all can see, has already tackled some of the most serious challenges facing our state today and is also playing a major role in rescuing our Northern region from the margins of irrelevance, impotence, inconsequence and decay in the context of the Nigerian nation which currently runs on the basis of values and practices that we need to understand, adapt to or create alternatives that suit our cultures, circumstances and interests,” Ningi said.

He pointed out that Governor Bala Mohammed had already carved a glorious path for their development as a people, by standing with the  Bauchi villager, the trader, the teacher, the farmer and the youth against attempts to make them second class citizens.

Comrade James Ezema is a veteran journalist and media consultant. He is a political strategist. He can be reached on +2348035823617 via call or WhatsApp.

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