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Worsening An Already Bad Situation By Dominic Kidzu As An Attack-Dog By Comrade Obi Ojage on Leadership under President Buhari
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Free Your Mind, Do Not Align With Hypocrites

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I do not know why people are hypocritical and do not fear their conscience when they embark on telling lies. Especially the one that dwells on how Mr. Peter Obi of the Labour Party used religion and ethnicity during the election, whereas what binds the north is their religion. All of them esteem their Imams more or less as the POPE.

It is the religious sentiments they wipe that create the unity you see amongst them against those who are non-Islamic.

Whenever things seem to be getting out of hand, you find every one of them turns to using the Housa language to communicate and invoking words in the Koran to insist on claiming so to be true.

When they found out that things were not going their way, they started abusing the President, Mohammadu Buhari, using all kinds of invocations.

We heard how the Kanu Governor accused the president openly of “not achieving anything in his seven and a half years in power, and yet wants to destroy the party that brought him into power”. And that singular outburst brought another kind of feeling to the President.

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How many Christians can have the temerity to say that to Mr. President except perhaps Femi Fani Kayode and we all know why that is so. At least I have exhausted that in my numerous articles on what propels him to do what he does at certain times.

So when people say things about the Christian, at times, they say only what favours them. Christians are the most unsettled people I have ever seen in the way and manner they treat their faith.

I prefer to stand alone as an upright man than go along with evilness for stomachs or position sake. I have always been vindicated. This journey that Nigerians have embarked on will not be an exception.

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The Lord has blessed me with a lot of rare knowledge, and deep inside into world affairs which has enabled me to see through things that most people barely glance at through the surface and jump to conclusions, I don’t!

So, I can’t mortgage my conscience for anything’s sake. I don’t advise you to. And I do not blame those who do. Some people merely grandstand, inside they’re telling lies.

What will be, must certainly become, it doesn’t matter how many prominent people endorse it. The Lord favors but the best. And you do not use force or tricks to install the best. You use persuation and the truth to achieve that.

I am alive today by the grace of the Almighty. And because I struggled to be upright at all costs and my world view.

Those who have used falsehood to get to the top, I see them coming down with all kinds of infirmity and regrets. They may not tell you. There hasn’t been any rest for them.

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They’re very sad people inside and out. And that situation will stay with them to their grave when their time to die comes. They console themselves with drinking, womanizing and drugs. That’s not what I wish for myself and certainly not for you as well.

And I tell you this for free: “What brings you out from your grave when you die, back to life through rebirth, is your good thoughts”, and the Holy Spirit will help you do the rest. You don’t need to be very good, just endeavor too and help will come your way.

This life is very short for those of us who’ve clocked 50 years and above, it’s good at aiming to live a life beyond this one, and it’s possible if you uphold sincerity and fairness, believe it or leave it, the choice is yours.

My name is Obi Ojage

End Time Message!


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