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Nigeria At 63: NTYTP Urges Youths To Keep Hope Alive, Remain Resilient In Pursuit Of Young People-driven Leadership

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As Nigeria marks its 63rd Independence Anniversary, a young people-driven non-governmental organisation, the Not Too Young To Perform (NTYTP) has urged the youths “to continue to keep hope alive and never despair in the face of many hurdles on their path to a brighter future.”

The NTYTP spoke in an independence day message to Nigerian youths jointly signed by its Convener/Executive Coordinator, Comrade James Ezema and the National Publicity Secretary, Comrade Mikail Okoiye Audu.

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According to their message, the group noted that “While it is an exaggeration to describe Nigeria as a failed state, in the last 63 years, hopes have been dashed, aspirations turned into desperations, and the younger generations left with little or nothing to hope for, it is still not time to give up on Nigeria.

“The very many challenges confronting the young people in Nigeria, especially perennial lack of employment and under-employment where jobs exist at all, will be history with a visionary and innovative leadership driven by the younger generations.

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“It is obvious that Nigeria has had protracted leadership deficit as seen in the last 63 years and it’s time for the youth population to unite and work out a better future through active participation in the political process.

“We therefore urge the youths of Nigeria to remain resilient in pursuit of young people-driven leadership through the political parties, which is the only process known to the Nigerian legal system for enthronment of political leaders.

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“The NTYTP urges all young citizens to participate actively in the political processes, join political parties of their choice, build their capacity to lead and present themselves for elections at the right time to fill the leadership vaccum in the country.

“NTYTP wishes all Nigerians a happy independence anniversary as we all continue to keep hope alive and work together for a better Nigeria”, the group stated.

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