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Spokesperson of the Coalition of Northern Groups (CNG) Abdul-Azeez Suleiman
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The Grand Betrayal: Northern Leaders Prioritize Power and Wealth over the People

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By Abdul-Azeez Suleiman

The current state of affairs in the North is troubling, as it has become increasingly evident that many of our leaders are more focused on amassing power and wealth for themselves rather than working towards the upliftment of the Northern people.

This lack of commitment to the well-being of the community has had drastic consequences, including increased poverty, insecurity, and division within society.

Basic rights, such as protection from harassment, freedom to practice religion, and receiving justice and equal treatment, are being neglected by those in power. This neglect has left many Northerners feeling vulnerable, marginalized, and without a voice in their own communities.

As a result, the Northern community has been left to struggle with the consequences of this lack of leadership. Poverty rates are on the rise, insecurity is pervasive, and division among the people continues to grow.

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Our past leaders in the North have indeed left a lasting legacy of unity, resilience, and commitment to defending the rights and well-being of the Northern people. They stood firm against attempts to marginalize Northerners and worked tirelessly to protect the interests of the Northern villager, trader, teacher, farmer, and rich merchants. Many of them paid the ultimate price for their dedication to the North and its people.

The North has always been a region that has competed fiercely with other regions in Nigeria, defending itself effectively and making significant sacrifices to keep the nation united during critical turning points in history. However, the current leadership in the North falls short in addressing the pressing socio-cultural challenges, economic regression, and precarious future that the region faces.

Today, it is evident that many of our current leaders in the North are more interested in amassing power and wealth for themselves rather than working to uplift the lives of the Northern people. They neglect the basic rights of Northerners to be protected from harassment, to practice their religion freely, and to receive justice and equal treatment in society.

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This lack of commitment to the well-being of the people has resulted in increased poverty, insecurity, and division within the Northern community.
It is imperative for the people of the North to demand better leadership from those in power.

We must hold our leaders accountable for their actions and challenge them to prioritize the needs of the people over their own self-interests. It is essential to replace leaders who are only concerned with maintaining their hold on power and wealth, and instead, elect individuals who are dedicated to serving the people and addressing the pressing issues facing the North.

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Education and empowerment of the Northern youth are key to building a better future for the region. By acquiring knowledge, skills, and honest education, the youth can become effective leaders who will work to transform society and tackle the challenges that the North faces. It is important to change the political culture in the North to one that focuses on serving the people rather than serving the interests of a few individuals.

As Northerners, we must unite to counter the negative narratives that suggest we are incapable of providing effective leadership. We must demand that our elected leaders respond to the needs of the people, protect the vulnerable, and work towards building a prosperous and secure future for all Northerners.

By working together and holding our leaders accountable, we can bring about positive change and ensure a brighter future for the North and its people.

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