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PRP Kicks Against Establishment of Foreign Military Bases In Nigeria

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… Cites Threat To National Security, Sovereignty

The Peoples Redemption Party (PRP) has joined other Nigerian patriots who have alerted President Bola Tinubu and members of the National Assembly on the dangers of the ongoing attempts by the United States of America (USA) and some European countries to relocate their military bases in the Sahel, where they have been kicked out by host nations, to Nigeria.

In a statement signed by the Acting National Publicity Secretary of the party, Comrade Mohammed Ishaq, the PRP said that “As a Party resolutely committed to the sovereignty, security and well-being of our nation, we feel it is our responsibility to voice our concerns and caution the Nigerian government against entering into any pacts that may endorse such arrangements.”

According to the party, the relocation of foreign military bases to Nigeria carries with it a myriad of potential dangers that could adversely affect the security, sovereignty, and overall well-being of our dear country.

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“We, as a party founded on the principles of “Total Liberation from Imperialism,” feel compelled to highlight these risks and strongly call on the Nigerian government to outrightly reject such proposals for our national interest and specifically for these reasons:

“1. Threat to Sovereignty: The presence of foreign military bases on Nigerian soil may lead to a gradual erosion of our national sovereignty. This could result in our government being pressured to align with the foreign policy interests of the United States and France, potentially compromising our ability to make independent decisions that prioritize the best interests of Nigeria and her citizens.

“2. Security Concerns: The relocation of military bases could inadvertently expose Nigeria to new security threats. These foreign troops may not fully understand the complex and dynamic nature of the security landscape in Nigeria, which could lead to unintended consequences. Moreover, their presence might provoke resentment among local communities, increasing the risk of insurgency and other forms of violence.

“3. Economic Implications: The Nigerian government must consider the economic impact of hosting foreign military bases. The costs associated with accommodating these troops, maintaining infrastructure, and addressing potential security issues could strain our already limited resources. Furthermore, there is a risk of increased dependency on foreign aid and assistance, which may undermine our nation’s self-reliance and economic growth.

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“4. Diplomatic Tensions: The relocation of American and French military bases to Nigeria could potentially strain our relations with other African countries. Such a move might be perceived as an act of aggression or a power play, leading to diplomatic tensions and regional instability.

“5. Shift in Focus: The presence of foreign military bases could divert Nigeria’s attention from addressing its domestic security challenges to catering to the strategic interests of the base-owner countries. This might result in neglecting Nigeria’s internal security needs and weakening its defense capabilities.

“6. Influence on Foreign Policy: The military presence of the US and France in Nigeria may influence the country’s foreign policy decisions, potentially altering its stance on regional and international issues to align with the interests of these countries.

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“7. Environmental and Social Impacts: The presence of foreign military bases could lead to potential environmental and social impacts as these installations often require large tracts of land for infrastructure development, which could lead to the displacement of local communities and the destruction of fragile ecosystems. Additionally, the increased military activity may result in environmental degradation, pollution, and other hazards that could have long-term consequences for the health and well-being of Nigerians.

“In conclusion, the PRP strongly advises the Nigerian government against entering into any agreements that would lead to the relocation of American and French military bases from the Sahel to Nigeria. We believe that such a decision would pose significant risks to our national sovereignty, security, environment, and economy.

“Instead, we call for a comprehensive and inclusive approach to addressing the challenges faced in the Sahel region, one that prioritizes diplomacy, regional cooperation, and sustainable development”, the party said.

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