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Our Collaboration, Partnership With Other Sister Agencies Over The Years Have Been Cordial With Lots Of Success Stories – D.G. NGSA

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The Director General Nigerian Geological Survey Agency (NGSA), Dr. Abdulrazaq Garba has noted that the collaboration and partnership with other sisters agency has over the years yield good results and success stories and maintain that the tempo need to be sustained to achieve more because sustainability is the key word to greater achievement.

Dr. Abdulrazaq Garba stated this to journalist in Abuja during a media briefing on the successes the Nigerian Geological Survey Agency has recorded over the years since he came on board as the Director General.

He maintained that since Agency came on board, the level of data being generated has over years attract the right type of investment and the investment of the government in generating the data senses has yields a good result, he said NIMET is one of the success story amongs numerous achievements achieved by the agency.

“on the NIMET project which has been on for sometime, I believe many of you journalists were there when some of the companies meet with the representatives of the Ministry of Mines and Steel Development marking the end of the submission and closure of the project” “the data has been duly received and we as the NGSA and practitioner of the profession have reviewed some of the data, though all along we part of the processes that led to the generation of the data, the interpretation because we have what we called Embed Staff, and the essence of having Embed Staff is to train our staff so that we build our capacity and capacity of our staff to be able to do such project in the future”

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“The result has been received and exploration is about looking for which mean u made find in some cases and you may not find in some cases but one good thing is that our finding are quite exciting because on one part, some of the areas the tracks of the mineralization that we found have generated quite significant interest”

He maintained that the NIMET project itself is a means to an end and not an end on it own.

The D.G said the influx of investors into Nigeria and of course the influx of investors requiring information is much more than what the country had before and that’s because the quality of data generated is attractive to a lot of investors and the process has to be sustained because sustainability is the key to success of data generation.

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Adding that there’s no end to data generation because even the most advance economy in mining still carry out data generation from the discovery, development and mining it’s all about data.

“Data generation is not something you do and stop, you have to be continuously generating geoscience data to attract the right type of investment, since we came on board, that’s about 3 years ago, the focus of the current management of NGSA are three roles; geoscience data generation for national development, infrastructural development, when you have the best brain and there’s no tools to work, then you cannot achieve anything and thirdly is capacity development, to have the best brain because NGSA is the bridge between the industry and the academics and that’s why our work is partly research and partly the industry”. “If you equally have the best brain and you don’t develop them continously, then they will become dead wood”.

He noted though, Nigeria is not yet a fully mining nation, that the country is still at upstream level whereby data generation is very important as well as the quality of such data.

He also said that the recent launch of the Agency map album has been a huge success because the last one which was done is ten years ago and the album provide the generic information on geology and mineral resources of the thirty six states of the Federation and the federal capital territory. Adding that geology and mineral resources on Zonal basis, the country has six zones which was able to be produced and published with the help of the map album as against the initial interactive map.

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” what the album means is that investors are when they come around they don’t need process data, they need raw data and we are showcasing the availability of this data accept and what an investor can use it for either in the determination of the tectonic environment that lead to the emplacement of the minerals that one is looking for and that’s is very important”.

He however said even though NGSA have some challenges which are surmountable, but there’s a need for more mobility into the very remote areas, insecurity and of course more importantly more funding to the agency even as he said no administration has given more priority to the mining sector as well as the NGSA than the current government.

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