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NATFORCE-NATCOM Hints On It’s IGR Capacity for Economic Development

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The Director General of the NATFORCE-NATCOM, Dr. Baba Muhammed has hinted that the body is focused on leveraging its uniqueness in area of internally generated revenue (IGR) capacity for economic development of the country.

He noted that the beauty of NATFORCE-NATCOM makes it stand-out due to its capacity to run its affairs, manage and fund its resources and most of it’s operation with well-articulated researched IGR model.

Lending his voice to the security discuss, especially as it relates to “small arms and light weapons proliferation in the country and it’s threat to national security for development and “The NATFORCE-NATCOM Intervention and perspective”, the Director General noted that “it’s already crystal clear that, one of the actual obstacles of sustainance of stable peace and security in Nigeria is the existence and alarming rate in proliferation of SLW.

“This ughy tend of development stand’s as a principal source of annihilation to human lives and poverty which aide or worsen inter-communal clashes resulting to serious violence in our society.”

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Dr. Baba Muhammed added that “Survey has proven that most of the Nigerian boarders are porous therefore giving room for easy influx/movement and exit of arms, human trafficking and drugs.

“An ugly trend that is bedeviling the country, hence the overwhelming effect on the current security architecture, having proven that it’s an organized crime, which therefore call for the need for the Nigerian government being a member countries of the ECOWAS, to as a matter of urgent priority establish their own commission in compliance with other implementing member country whom have long complied with the treaty like Ghana, sierra-leone, cote D-vore and Guinea.

“It is in this regard that when I came on board as the new Director General of NatForce after the unfortunate demise of Chief Osita Okereke that I directed for an intensive Re-verification exercise and aggressive pursuit of the needed legistive backing through the national assembly by sponsoring a bill in compliance with article 19 of the Ecowas convention, which you are all aware of its recent passage into law and presently right before the president for ascent.

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“Worthy of Note is the fact that, when I came on board, besides the pursuit of the Bill, I deployed resources to restrenghten the entire workforce of the organization and immediately ordered for an audit of staff, incidented report of erring personnel’s with criminal conduct’s to the IGP and DSS to ensure strict discipline and compliance with expected code of conduct across board”, the NATFORCE-NATCOM boss said.

He noted that “more importantly, the national working committee was able to come up with a well-structured organogram for the first time in the History of NatForce in Nigeria under my guide and leadership”.

Speaking on the uniqueness of NATCOM, Dr. Baba Muhammed, said that NATCOM “becomes very imperative giving the fact that, the organization sets out not only to be an innovative and creative 21st century compliant civil-security outfit, but a strategic grassroots based digitally empowered prompt response/proactive team.

“Using Actionable-intelligence gathering model (AIGM) where every community undercovers and take responsibility through the community council while transmitting such intel through regulated and well monitored channel by our highly trained officers.

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“Also the beauty or uniqueness of NATFORCE-NATCOM makes it stand-out, due to its capacity to run its affairs, manage and fund its resources and most of it’s operation with well-articulated researched IGR model.

“The organization, also does not carry out any overlapping function’s with other sister agencies thereby terminating any fear of inter-agency rivalry rather, it deploy’s its strength with a collaborative approach towards addressing already overwhelming situation or security breach towards enhancing National Development”, he observed.

In the area of Job creation, the Director General stated that research has “proven that unemployment, poverty and moral decadence are the major factor’s contributing to the rise in crime amongst our teaming youths.

“This is where the NATFORCE-NATCOM job creation intervention comes to play a major role in helping to solve the unemployment scourge by engaging the youth’s productively hence the organization have already concluded plans to engage above 500 or more personnel’s per LGA in 2-3 phase recruitment processes knowing too well that, “the idle mind certainly the devill’s workshop””, Dr. Mudashiru said.

Comrade James Ezema is a veteran journalist and media consultant. He is a political strategist. He can be reached on +2348035823617 via call or WhatsApp.

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