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Obi Ojage
2023 Politics

I Share These Revelations From Within With You This Beginning OF Year 2022

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“For The Edification And Teachings Towards The Attempt To Live Righteously With No Ambiguity.”

By Obi Ojage

Let us digress a bit from politics or bulk passing. And share a bit of Inspiration. The Lord is good truly and marvelous. He makes all things perfect in their own time and seasons. Don’t squirm, I guess it’ll be fine at the fullness of time. You’re a God, take your place.

Hold on to the Lord as your “God”. Is in you as the Holy Spirit. Which is in league with your conscience and the Soul as the real “You, who is also a God”. Do so and you’ll be fine, trust me as your anchor man.

Resist the pressure from these indolent seekers of good things on earth at all cost in the name of Christ Jesus, the Lord incarnate whom they are now urging you to worship as “god’s” as if they’re the “Lord” of whom they’ve built different alters for; in their churches, synagogues and Bethels, all to be worshiped from where you’ll be initiated as adherences of their gods whom they now claim to be the Lord almighty using the names of JESUS, who is the bringer of the word of the Lord and introducer of prophesies.

They’re not the Lord. These are Deities. The “Lord” isn’t. Its not He nor She. Neither has a voice nor speaks or has a form. It just occurs. No one has ever heard from nor seen the Lord who is in the Void. They’re all collectively telling a lie.

They rather had been having communications with deities who do communicate to humans anywhere or appear in rear cases when the appropriate incantations are used to invoke them to appear in closets.

Deities are expired human souls who are no longer required to live here on earth because they’ve outlived their period as humans after many periods of reincarnation.

They’re incarnated Souls retired to ethereality into a conclave of principalities and ruling kingdoms from an assigned positions where they stay to influence the human earth of those who are ignorant of their godly status or those who do deviate out of indolence and figmental attachments away from the teachings of the “masters or messengers” as it were, sent by the LORD of Host.

Which was meant to guide and enable human beings to live forever in a world designed to be the habitations of “righteous humans” for ever through the process of dyeing and rebirth or reincarnation as it were.

Therefore, the Lord God Almighty is not a deity. THE “Lord is a Ghost and Holy.”

And not in kingdoms nor ethereality both in; and as anything touchable, seeable or hearable. But operates in the voids as a Ghost. And as an embodiment of everything in existence. Including kingdoms, spirits both human and evil.. But why evil?

Because “Evil” is the introducer of the two extreme ends in human existence being “good and bad”. And the divider of the two.

Without that, there would be monotony. Or nothing at all to compare one with the order. Be it light and darkness, goodness and evilness. Which is what actually makes existence exciting to watch and be in.

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That’s what encourages striving and the indifferences that exist to provoke determination in humans to make a difference. They compliment each other in a way. You can’t know how bad somebody is except its exudes in the light of the exemplification of goodness.

The Lord therefore is the goodness we speak of. Badness is the exterior to showcases it in its originality without which Goodness (the Lord) would still be in the void as a Ghost.

I am both a politician and a Christ Devotee. I give you what I practice. And the secret of my being. Why most people avoid or disapprove my presence as an importunate truth searcher and protagonists.

Be it in spiritual or circular living. And I do not also project theories be they from scriptures or the European man’s imagined narratives or bookwork that are unfathomable.

And are ineffable dictums which are all dilutions born out of illusion through some form of hallucinations. In the place of nothing, something is created to encourage a myth.

I am neither a believer of concepts, theories be they that upheld by the so-called Christians folks majority of who worship Deities as though they were the Lord, which they’re not.

These are not what JESUS the Christ talked about for which he was hated by those who worshipped the different gods that were in existence where each of them paid homage to.

Nor do I give catharsis to philosophies that propagates the belief systems in which powers are the central therm which exudes or prevails in occult teachings or meter-physical doctrines, spiritism, including magic. No, I don’t. I just know what I know. Which just occurs. And as they occur.

You can call me a “knower” if you like, whose knowledge is from the Spirit of Inspiration by the instructions of the Holy Spirit. Just like those who were earlier used by the Lord in the days past to reveal what is today the “scriptures”.

The Lord is still revealing things to those who are called. Every innovation is a product of inspiration.

Not the indolent busybodies of gentlemen and women who have virtually turned places of worship into centres for the so-called inspirational speakers from the academic world where they now crave to use their different skills to enrich themselves unduly through extortion in the name of Jesus, using the scriptures to their benefit.

Unlike the scientists of today’s world. What you see them do, manufactured or invented are all the product of inspiration from the Lord dined in them through the latent powers of the minds which I had anagrammatized as: M-man’s, I-inner, N-narrative, D-Din..Why?

Because they’re up and doing not the lazy folks made of the self ascribed “Men Of God” in their self ordained ropes wanting to keep quoting revelations of others in the Holy Bible written millions of years back.

Going dubiously under the cover of the name “Jesus” where they cajole and commit so many hidden atrocities in collaboration with the different gods from ethereality. And say they’re of the Lord. They’re not.

They’re all agents of the gods otherwise called Deities mostly those in the water to whom they make human sacrifices to get material pleasures that eventually takes them to perdition through the inevitable powers of death when it does occur to populate the demonic world after their demise at their judgement day being the day they shall die.

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Where and whenever that is. Where all the pictures of all they’ve done on earth in their privileged moments given to live life, will be thrown up for them to see before they’re eventual death that day.

Is called the day of reconning for every human Soul to stand indubitably in judgement before the Lord who operates in the void as a Ghost now forming clouds around the soul to account for its deeds.

To be called of the Lord, you have to go through what Jesus Christ went through in the unholy hands of the human Devils who accused him falsely and crucified him as one of the bringers of these new revelations.

You can’t reign with the Christ if you’ve not prepared to suffered with Him to be able to feel truly, the subprime powers and authorities of the Lord over that of the gods, human or spirits.

Which is the only time and reason you can truly fear and adore the Lord whose mighty hands may have saved you from the unholy deadly hands of the gods/deities who does unleash the Devil on those whom they chose to; amongst their human adherences. Like the captivity of Zion. “They were like dreamers!”

They did not only know the Lord who was the unseen hands that saved them. But they had an enormous fear of the Lord in them. And needn’t any more doctrinal messages to be transformed.

It is only while in the unholy hands of the human devil’s torture Chambers; from where you had been saved by the subprime powers of the Lord of Host, that you can truly appreciate the Lord indeed. And no where or how else.

And to express exactly what Christ talked of the people. Similar to what the teachers of the Gospel today are liken to. Hear him: “You people talk of what your fathers told you as revealed in the Scripture as the inspired words of the Lord through man.

But I am telling you now what the Lord showed me while undergoing the devils torture both human and spirits”, said Jesus Christ.

Therefore knowing and hearing are two different things altogether. Is not about the exhibition of eloquence in preachificity and interpretation of the scriptures. Is about being a “pencil” or allowing yourself to became that in the Holy unseen hands of the Lord. Count your blessing.

Renounce them. And then follow the painful direction that leads to permanent salvation from material grip.

Some of the theories the religious people propound are though backed by revelations in the Christian Bible comprising of inspirational truths of either the experiences of those who were inspired at the time based on their exposures to some of the occurrences from which effects, they do well to relate them to others in words and on scrolls.

Or from the revelations from within, while in their quietude and meditation modes. But it is more safer to hear from the Lord what is been said now. Today. And you could achieve that not by reading and cramming the scriptures from Genesis to Revelation.

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Is by allowing the Holy Spirit cause the Devil to put you into its captivity for those of you who say you love to serve the Lord. His York is easy. But His “Burden” is light, they said. So there is a burden associated with the Christlike living.

You can’t skip it and say you’re of the Lord. You’re telling a lie to yourself. And you know it. You preacher man. Yes, you! I am talking to you…

It is obligatory that you must go through persecution in the hands of the human devils just like Jesus did.

There are no two ways to it. Say what you like. Rationalize it as much as you bloody care to suit your indulgences, it remains the same. Like the sun and the moon. That’s the truth.

It is only then you can experience exceptional wisdom just like what I am dishing out now effortlessly with no quotes from anywhere. With nobody’s name called. Be they White, Yellow or Black, of either saints or brother Paul, Peter, Andrew or John. I talk revelation as revealed to me now, as Obi Ojage, your brethren. No additive. No, no, no!

And these are all anchored by the spirit of inspiration and guided by the Holy spirit which does also occur as the replication of the Ghost which operates in the voids and Holy.

Otherwise known throughout the humankind as the Almighty. Some described the experience as Jehovah, Allah, Brahman and so on and forth, according to their human understanding. All of which are though limited to what the faculty could fathom, not alright. But it is okay.

Meanwhile, don’t you forget that I, Comrade Obi Offiong Ojage is the best choice for the position of National Publicity Secretary of our great party APC, from the South South zone with track record of performance in that field. Doggedly proven with razzmatazz, if the party truly rewards loyalty. And not given to sycophants and lier’s but those with something to show like myself. I didn’t just come.

I have been on this lane for years writing to prove myself worthy of acceptance as the right person for the job of National Publicity Secretary. Now the position has offered itself.

It can’t just be only those from the West or Middle Belttans who should always occupy such positions. We from the South South zone deserve it too. This is why I have come.

And as one who has sacrificed so much thanklessly, using my time and resources in propagating the party and in defense of President Mohammadu Buhari who is the leader of the party from dissident groups and those sponsored as Jobs-men to smear his hard earned reputation under the guise of opposition. Done for purposes of bringing down the government under his leadership.

And I have been consistent in my defense. My works are all there in the public domain as a true party man. Talk is cheap!

“End Time Message”.



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