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Latest Scheming For And By Goodluck Jonathan To Return To Nigeria’s Aso Rock Presidential Villa In 2023 As President

By Chinedu Jideofo-Ogbuagu

When rumours of plans by few Northern elders to foist former President, Goodluck Jonathan, on Nigerians as successor to President Buhari first came to light over a year ago, while some dismissed the rumours as untenable figments of some persons’ imaginations, I issued three published press statements condemning the moves.

And I sent several SMS to Dr Jonathan advising him to reject the poisoned chalice being offered to him or that evil carrot being dangled before his largely generally misunderstood face, which, I later discovered, he had actually originated and schemed for, and his treacherous temptation to the few Northern elders he had approached later appealed to the greed and unpatriotism of those few Northern elders, who would take the shocking idea to President Buhari.

That those few Northern elders and President Buhari are now (in April 2022) aggressively and insensitively pushing that agenda of another four years of Jonathan after which the Presidency must return to the North (I won’t mention the North-West or North-Central individual they want to make Vice to Jonathan this time, who will take over from Jonathan after four years or even before the end of the four years!), regardless of the grave dangers to Nigeria inherent in that diabolical agenda, is evidence enough of the selfishness, greed and treachery of some people.

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We know their plots and their tactics, because our eyes are on the ground and we are informed strategic thinkers and analysts. We have even seen how they have started roping PDP and APC leaders into their immoral agenda. We also know that they have started sponsoring corrupt party leaders and buyable presidential aspirants to block presidential tickets of the various parties, so that after close of candidate-substitution window and presidential candidates cannot again be changed, all the so-called presidential candidates would step down for Jonathan.

But I remain supremely confident that at least one of the 18 parties presently recognised by INEC will refuse to be cowed or compromised. And people who know me know that I am one person who cannot be cowed or compromised. I am contesting to win presidential power to fix Nigeria for posterity, and no amount of money or anything else will change my mind on that.

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It is such a party that won’t for all the real gold in Zamfara or the black gold (crude oil) in the Niger Delta accept imposition of Jonathan or anyone else on Nigerians in 2023, that I will use to defeat Jonathan so resoundingly that he will be finished politically – a fitting reward for all the numerous individuals (including Neighbour-to-Neighbour campaigners) that he used and dumped so disgracefully in 2011.

After the published press statements and direct communications to him I made over one year ago, and knowing his mastery of treachery and selfishness, I decided not to bother myself about Jonathan’s 2023 scheming with few Northern elders, since he ignored me over a year ago (in 2021) – as he had ignored my advice in 2011 (via full-page newspaper publications) to do just one term of four years and pave way for a South-Easterner to succeed him in 2015.

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I decided that I would just get ready to electorally whip Jonathan and his co-conspirators at the polls in 2023. We shall see them on the day of 2023 presidential general election.

In my expected 2023 presidential candidacy, the good people of Nigeria will get the opportunity to speak on the anti-people conspiracy that Jonathan’s 2023 inordinate ambition means.

We won’t beg him not to join APC, be handed APC presidential ticket in a dubious “indirect primary”, and contest in the presidential general election of 2023.

I will simply defeat him with all the powers behind him. Then, they will know that the Nigerian electorate are not as stupid or foolish or timid as they have taken us for over the years.

Chinedu Jideofo-Ogbuagu, 2023 Presidential Aspirant, Jideofo 2023 Presidential Campaign Movement. Contact: 09052910866, 08023163451.

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