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Hilda Baci pot

Aroma of Politics from Hilda’s Cooking Pot

By Shiloh O. Akinyemi

Lagos has been the centre of global attention aftermath a record breaking dream conceived and nurtured for six (6) years by Hilda Baci.

The word record for cook-a-thon was held by Chef Lata Tondon of India for an 87 hours time in 2019, until Hilda Baci from Akwa Ibom state set up her cooking pot in Lagos.

Over the last few months, we have witnessed the uprising of hungry and angry youths who are not only willing to see a national change effected, but are also ready to hold their leaders accountable.
These people, popularly known as “The Obidients”, are no doubt hungry, but not so much for food but good governance. Accused of laziness in the early life of Buhari led APC administration, they have been up to prove their mettle of hardwork which the government has failed to recognised.

EndSARS was the most coordinated grand show of a protest, with it they shut down the internet and kept Nigeria trending for weeks until a battalion was deployed against them.

When the curtain was drawn and political campaigns began, the hard work of four persons tweeting from a room was ‘over rewarded’. They built a new nation of millions of followers and consequently voters. From the impact made before, during and after the elections, the trend was threatening. The ‘Apapa’ drama came in a poorly writing script, if the script was bad, the actor was without skill and his costumes complemented his inability to interpret his lines to keep the youth glued to his show. The drama ended as expected; a balablu of a town hall meeting, not different from microphone licking.

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Out of ideas to tame the raging storm that the “Obidient Movement” has become, BATists seems to have just an option left; If we can’t beat them, then we jump on their wave, own it, redirect it and distract them from their course. This is what the recent happenings are all about. There have been several desperate ploys to distract the youths from ‘our’ stolen mandate.

A few days ago, we saw videos of Seun Kuti harassing an officer of the law, after which we heard that he absconded but was later arrested.
As much as I’ll love to buy the narrative that the law caught up with Seun Kuti, that in itself is questionable because, Seun is a die hard BATist.
Would the APC government really “pick on” one of their own?

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What if they are putting up a show. The all mighty IGP hasn’t ordered the arrest of Oluomo, but did of Seun Kuti. The Lagos state police spoke person who spoke to us of Oluomo’s joke of a threat is the one informing us of how badly injured the policeman is from Seun’s slap, that he was readmitted to the hospital. Something for me isn’t adding up.

Back to Hilda Baci’s cook-a-thon and steaming pot of politics. Oh my! How impressed I was by that woman’s feat! Such amazing achievement. She had nursed that dream for half a dozen years and had to put in tons of work to see it through.

As usual, Nigerians turned up in their numbers to support their own. Day in day out, we had people at the venue cheering and rooting for her. Government officials soon began to savour the aroma and turned up to see how best to serve politics with the aroma. Nigerians were on the aroma in drove, they turned up in response to the queries and questions thrown up on Social Media.

We had a few “Agbado” humans who slandered our Hilda for being an Obidient, and as usual, the Obidient family defended their own.

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SanwoOlu came to pay homage to the “Queen of Cooks”, and this caused quite a stir. They tried to sell the narrative of “one Lagos” to us, with some delusional persons claiming that Hilda is a “Lagos Citizen”
What happened to the “Yoruba Ronu” mantra?

I think we should ask Hilda what her voting experience was.
SanwoOlu’s visit to Hilda was strictly business and we know where his loyalty stands.
As we celebrate Hilda, we remember that SanwoOlu is yet to tell us who gave the order that claimed the lives of many who like Hilda just wanted police brutality to end so they can take up the fulfillment of their dreams. Seun Kuti’s line is a twisted script; police are today victims of citizens brutality?

As we celebrate Hilda, we remember that SanwoOlu encouraged voter oppression in Lagos.

The long journey to recovering the mandate has begun, and now more than ever, all hands should be on deck.

The youths will not be distracted, they will not lose focus. Till the mandate of the people is restored, and the people’s elect is sworn in.

*Shiloh O. Akinyemi writes from Lagos State, Nigeria.

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