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Abba Kyari Deserves A Befitting “Burial”

Policing world over is made effective by allegations, which basically is the information given to work with to unravel the circumstances and establish a case through the apparatus of investigation. But until the accused is pronounced guilty by a court of competent jurisdiction, the status quo remains.

Anybody is at liberty to say anything, but not without consequences, the burden of whatever is said is on the person alleging to prove, this of course is assisted by the police system at providing evidences for which the culpability of the accused can be established.

Silence they say is golden, more important when accusations has been made, we must allow protocol of investigation to present the fact of the matter for the court to judge.

Emotions and sentiments are the snare pits of great minds. All through ages the best of men has fallen into them with and sometimes without remedy.

In the creative genius of Divinity, this moment of human weakness is the point at which our humility is challenged and measured. How well we rule ourselves is determined by the mastery of our emotions we have gained and how gated our minds are, to bounce the bullet of sentiments targeted at getting the worse out of us.

I can go down the history lane to provide us with strong men who were victims of the sentiments and consequently their emotions, but space will not permit me to list many.

Esau sold his birth right not to Jacob but to his own emotion of hunger. David was well fed when the hunger for sex came upon him at the pent of his house on sighting Beersheba. Beyond the Biblical, is the unfortunate record of Hitler’s desire to give the world as a gift to his girlfriend, what followed, the world is yet to recover from.

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No nation on earth is as prejudicial as Nigeria, what do you expect of a people plundered and disparaged by their leaders? A country with a criminal document as her constitution will debase order and show no respect to protocol. When Juries are in want of justice in any system, the people already know that nothing in the system can be trusted!

This is our situation, there is no trust in the system or anyone for that matter. We are all lying in wait to bury the next victim of emotions or sentiments, who might have fallen into the pit. Left to us there must be no survival till it is our turn. That is when we suddenly discover the need for our humanity.

This is no piece to celebrate Abba Kyari, whom I have never met, though I have his contact and we have exchanged chats on matters of mutual interests. I haven’t been privileged to receive him on visit to me in my Abúlé Ẹ̀gbá cottage, like he did Hushpuppi in far away Dubai. His tailor doesn’t have my measurements and this may largely be responsible for my not receiving our Super Cop on a dispatch emissary from his tailor.

Our media is awash with different versions of the Hushpuppi/Kyari connection, unfortunately, what I have read so far is a tale of a mountain being built out of a mole hill, with blocks moulded by our emotions handed to our sentiments. The tallest sky scraper of Public office scandal is right now being built without foundation. I stand to be corrected, no information has been shared with the public by the FBI, neither have we any from our police department at least non that we can certify as official communication from the US Government or our Government.

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I have personally made reasonable communications to enable me take a position beyond fanning public sentiments. As at this morning, Saturday, the 31 day of July 2021, nothing on the FBI page provides credible lead on what is being circulated. Interactions with a friend who should know because of his privileged position to be privy to FBI operations in Nigeria is hollow. Neither Lagos nor Abuja has received any official communication in line with our public drama. The Nigerian Government has not addressed the public as regarding any information in the direction of what we will love to hear. The best on this is the promise to review the ALLEGATIONS made on behalf of the IGP, by officer Frank Mba, the public is further confused by the documents in circulation which are being referred to as UNSEALED; meaning, bearing no seal of the department.

“Abba Kyari possibly has not given the best to the service”, but the social media will not be the place to crack that kennel.

Hushpuppi is presently on plea bargain negotiations and it is expected that like a drowning man, a straw will appear to him a life saver. So singing in not new to such men of crime.

I am ridiculed by Abba Kyari’s response to news flying on social media, and I am further disgusted by his tailor’s tape rule and measurement stories.

My joy however is the competence of the agency at which the case is domiciled; the FBI. One thing is sure, the carpet at the Villa is too small to accommodate the dust the FBI will generate on this! Abba should know better, this is not the time for him to speak to the public!

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He should prevail on his friends whose support for individuals in the eye of public storms had aggravated the storm than calming them. A very bad defense was made for him by the tongue that trigger the storm which didn’t allow the memory of late Abba Kyari to rest in peace among the living, Femi Fani Kayode, whose spills of pen was read in foolish ink stains on papers, said, “it’s a mere conspiracy to destroy his career and the excellent service he has offered Nigeria”. Must he always speak?

“There must have been one FBI officer, who wants to become a Deputy Commissioner of Police in Nigeria; eyeing the position of Abba Kyari as the Commander, Inspector General of Police- Intelligence Response Team”, which FFK claims of conspiracy must be viewed.

Femi Fani Kayode is at best an undertaker at moment like this and he must be avoided.

Abba was our good boy of yesterday, who cracked the nut Evans. He was the whirlwind that unravelled Wadume, embarrassing APC and the military in the process. I am not saying Abba Kyari shouldn’t be “buried”, but at least he deserves a befitting “burial” after he has been certified “dead” career wise, officially by FBI ongoing investigation. Until then, I am at my window waiting for the news from America!

The Bold, Inspiring and Dynamic Dr Bolaji O Akinyemi (AKA the BID) is an Apostle and a nation builder, 08123618580
F.B: Bolaji O. Akinyemi.

Dr Bolaji O. Akinyemi, an Apostle, with focus on revival and revolution, the BID as he is fondly called is also a strategic communicator and on Facebook as: Bolaji Akinyemi. Email: Email:

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