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Dr Timothy Oladele Gold and Bola Ahmed Tinubu (BAT)
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An Eagle Called BAT

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By Dr Timothy Oladele Gold

The acronym B.A.T which stands for Bola Ahmed Tinubu is a spelling of a bird that is phenomenal in nature thus, it is both rat and bird. Fusing the two words for philology, one may arrive at B (from the word bird and AT (last two letters from the word rat).

The emergence of this African enigma as the President-elect in recently concluded presidential election in Nigeria is dramatic and greeted with several mixed feelings and indignation that tend to culminate in crisis if not well managed.

Bola Ahmed Tinubu is reputed to be a maverick politician who has been on Nigerian political apogee close to three decades.

His election as the Executive Governor of Lagos State in 1999 marked the beginning of his archetypal godfatherism and irresistible influence in the political arena.

Tinubu is a rare politician who has been determining the trend of things. His role in emergence of several candidates as flag-bearers in his party; Alliance for Democracy (AD) that transmuted to Action Congress (AC) and after a while, Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) and currently, All Progressives Congress (APC), knew no bound as many believed that he has been unilaterally imposing his anointed candidates who often win in the general elections.

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It is however controversial as a section of the population consider BAT as a political Messiah while those who abhor his unending influence and overbearing see him more of a BRAT.

The ruritanian nature of a nation is often the pride of the citizenry. The ugly trend of endemic corruption and infraction in Nigeria is at a point, not a malady, but the melody of polity that lubricates the cogs that bring about motion towards unknown destinations. This is the true picture of Nigeria.

The unsung victory of BAT after several days of declaration made by Independent Electoral Commission (INEC ) is unprecedented in the history of democratization processes in the past.

Going by the antecedent of BAT as a renowned pro- democracy activist, who was at the forefront of struggle to enthrone the presumed winner of the annulled June 12,1993 election, Bashorun M.K.O. Abiola, one would be made to believe that Bola Ahmed Tinubu is a democrat of note.

As an Executive Governor of Lagos State, Tinubu professionalized park and traffic touting, a development that is perceived as a subtle way of raising foot soldiers otherwise known as henchmen for future political ambition. The “Agberos” as they were locally christened are predominantly urchins and miscreants who constitute nuisance on the roads.

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Lagos enjoyed infrastructural development during the regime of B.A.T. Though some public affairs analysts score him below average in the area of housing and education. Thus, Lagos that enjoyed free education and proliferation of educational institutions and low cost housing estates scattered all over the state during the three and half years of Lateef Kayode Jakande began to experience diminution in those areas.

It was repulsive to listen to some media houses referring to Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu as governor emeritus of Lagos. This unconstitutional appellation thrilled the souls of his acolytes and political admirers who never saw anything abusive in such office.

The irresistible influence of Tinubu became pronounced when Lagosians and the entire Nigerians noticed that he only abdicated the seat of governorship for self. Without any doubt, Tinubu has been a factor and kingmaker whose interest is more paramount than that of the ‘kings ‘ he has been making.

It is never a news to Nigerians that Tinubu always has his way, not in any form antithetic to Machiavellian principle.

Those who take into cognizance the significance of his initials, BAT would inscrutably consider him as an enigma with midas touch. Thus, a bat is both rat and bird. A phenomenon of rarity!

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“Emilokan”, this which translates into “It is my turn” became a basis for a new sloganeering from Tinubu who megalomaniacally announced to the nation of 200 million population that 2023 presidential race must produce him.

This courage, audacity, and confidence can only be African and expressed in African clime. Albeit, the holocaust preying ability of an eagle is significant
and peculiar. This trait has manifested in B.A.T who defied all odds from every quarters and weathered storms that were enough to blow off mountains!

The efforts of Economic And Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) to bring Tinubu to book before his controversial election as President-elect has been proving abortive. This is the crux of the matter.

Bola Ahmed Tinubu, abbreviated B.A.T, is verbally alleged of financial infraction in the manner a rat is accused of ruminating. He flies away from arrest and grip like a bat, while his ability to see his advantage far away and pick it is no difference from what an eagle does.

Without any doubt, Africans are governed by Africans in African way. Unfortunately, the emergence of their leaders refuses to be in American or British manner despite imitation and replication.

*Dr. Timothy Oladele Gold is the Director of Publicity, International Society of Diplomats


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