Illegality of Lagos State Government, State House of Assembly on Electoral Law, Others’ Violation By Fatai Ibu-Owo

First and foremost we want to challenge the obnoxious law sponsored by the Lagos State House of Assembly and signed into law by the Lagos State Government in order to enslave the people of Lagos, rig and manipulate for forth coming local government election thereafter.

The Lagos State Government illegally empowered the LASIEC to review the delineation of wards in each local government and I quote “empowering of our electoral commission to review the delineation of wards in each local government at intervals of every ten years and division of each local government into not less than ten wards and not more than twenty wards. This is abnormal.

According to the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria Chapter Five D, Section 112 says “subject to the provision of section 91 and 113 of this constitution, the independent National Electoral Commission shall divide every state in the federation into such number of state constituencies as is equal to three or four times the number of federal constituencies within that state.”

Based on this section the constitution does not give the state INEC to divide or delineate any part of the country, it is the duty of the INEC to do so even INEC can’t do it without approve from the National Assembly.

Section 114, subsection (1) also says “The Independent Electoral Commission shall review the division of every state into constituencies at intervals of not less than ten years, and may alter such constituencies in accordance with the provisions of this section to such extent as it may consider desirable in the light of the review.”

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The Lagos state government has no constitutional power to empower electoral commission to review the delineation of ward or local government.

Lagos state deserves more than 57 local governments. NCP government with the approval from the    national assembly will create 80 local governments, with this; there will be rapid development in Lagos state.

37 LCDA in Lagos state has not been approved by the national assembly, in view of that the 37 LCDA is illegal. The state has no power under the constitution to delineate any ward.

Section 115 says “where the boundaries of any constituency established under section 112 of this constitution are altered in accordance with the provisions of section 114 of this constitution that alteration shall come into effect after it has been approved by the National Assembly and after the current life of the House of Assembly.”

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NCP Lagos, therefore, request for the copy of the obnoxious law signed by Mr. Ambode. I don’t know the reason why the Lagos state house of assembly has been hiding the copy of the laws. If the state has no skeleton in her cupboard, let there be copies of the laws available.

Since 2013, Lagos law has been hiding from public. If you visit the website, I mean Lagos State House of Assembly’s website, all you see there is an old information of 2013.

All the laws being passed by the Lagos State House of Assembly should be make opened for public use. Some of the laws signed are as follows: tax on well/bore hole –  Lagos State Government refused to provide water for the people of Lagos, what they do is to tax the landlords on their private borehole financed by the house owners.

Lagos state governor has been given power to remove elected local government chairman; they sponsored this law in order to deal with the opposition parties in Lagos.

Beggars law – if you give harms to the beggars; both the receiver and the giver will go to prison, is this change they are talking about?

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Lagos should reverse their obnoxious laws. The copy of these laws should be made open for public use. The LASIEC has no power to delineate any boundary in Lagos. Lagos state deserves 80 Local Government and not the purported 57 and finally NCP is the only party that will take Lagos and Nigeria in general to the promise land.

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