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Dr Timothy Oladele Gold

Efficacy of Adequate Reward For Labour And Excellence In Africa

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By DR. Timothy Oladele Gold

Ab initio, the world has been on commerce that involves exchange of tangible materials for another tangible materials. Which could be selling of farm produce for a particular material in exchange. This is referred to as trade by barter, this in the history became extinct as a result of advent of numismatic means of exchange.

Every labour is targeted at making exchange for value inherent in a substance ,service etc that are commensurate to the effort exerted.

International Labour Organization stipulates thus: “PROTECTION OF WAGES CONVENTION 1949 (No 95)” Wages shall be paid in legal tender at regular interval in case when partial payment of wages in kind, the value of such allowances shall be fair and reasonable. Workers shall be free to dispose of their wages as they choose.

In case of employer insolvency, wages shall enjoy priority in the distribution of liquidated assets.

Apart from wages that are legitimately due to workers, incentives and awards are equally regarded as rewards for excellent labour.

Going by the theme, it could be observed that there are few key words that demand for their definitions in the context of the caption afore stated.

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Efficacy could be best defined in synonymity of effectiveness. Adequacy however implies enough while reward depicts compensation, recompense as the case may be.

Excellence in a layman understanding is a performance above good

At this juncture, it is essential to take into cognizance the indefeasibility of the term REWARD in the context of the essay.

Without any equivocation, men ,including Africans labour for reward, though, the role of difference of climes defines the concept of reward with dissimilar tunes.

This brings us the recent $15 an hour minimum wage for the federal contract workers in the US. This is logically to differentiate between service and servitude for enhanced productivity.

Africa can not afford to underestimate the efficacy of adequate reward for labour and excellent performance. This evil neglect is purely analogous to stinting a running engine with oil for lubrication. A condition that leads to fiasco.

Zero work ergonomics and other adverse work conditions worsen the effects of underpayment of workers in Africa the promulgation of thirty thousand Naira minimum wage in recent years which has generated unresolved pandemonium in several states in Nigeria looks ignominious as far as civil service vis a vis abounding human and natural resources are concerned.

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The enormity of the sordid affairs is the complicity of labour leadership and undue resilience amongst the labour force in a place like Nigeria.

This is not far fetched in a society that would only recognize excellent performance with award plaques that carry price tags like a merchandize wheat as, it is the cash reward that is regarded as an award, while the plaque serves as a souvenir or memento.

It is appalling that adulation has replaced genuine admiration of excellent performance which broadens the horizon of mediocrity, thus, the charlatans that can afford the financial implication of awards are gallivanting in the bliss of phoney greatness.

Gong down the memory lane, those who could not give kudos to the late sage Chief Obafemi Awolowo and frustrated his presidential vision clustered around the catafalque to shower the corpse of the political icon with eulogy.

Excellence recognition is more carried out posthumously. This extends to the severance fee, gratuity, superannuation matters that are often delay beyond the lifespans of the retirees. Conversely, this does not apply to politicians who do not suffer disbursement of emolument.

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It is African to cheer ,celebrate and genuinely applaud good and credible conducts. A place where laziness, lassitude and any form of indolence is condemned. A place where parents prefer to get their daughters betrothed to a hard working suitors. A place where vestal chastity is given high premium and the virgins are rewarded immediately they get married.

Ancient Africans frown at misconducts such that involves swindling, unfortunately, reverse is the case, youngsters that engaged in cyber crime are dominating the social circle and are probably financially strong enough to vie for various political position in the nearest future.

The emergence of these beings would aggravate the situation.

The reward for honesty and probity that is jettisoned is counterproductive and will stay to haunt the spirit of steadfastness, efficiency and transparency.

Economic vibrancy is not independent of the concepts of attitude and the altitude: the disposition of the workforce and other stake holders in relationship with the height of welfare.

To be continued…

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